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Hyperloop train

San Francisco to Los Angeles Hyperloop To Be Realized In 10 years

by DRajon December 21, 2014
Tesla motors CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk predicts that the Hyperloop which is the ultra-fast tube transport method can be ready in less than 10 years from now. In a report by Dropbox, it is clear that the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is working for this futuristic idea of Elon Musk. This method can let [...]

VuePod Helps In Detecting Geographical Changes

by DRajon December 21, 2014
As a gamer what would you like to have in your wildest dreams? Engineers at the University of Brigham Young created a 12, High definition,55 inch 3D televisions which are connected to a single computer which is supportive of producing spectacular graphics and intensive gaming. These massive screens interacts with the Bluetooth like device called [...]

xiaomi redmi 2s

Xiaomi Redmi 2S Appers On AnTuTU And TENAA Benchmarks

by DRajon December 21, 2014
Xiaomi, the Chinese smart phone company securing third position in the global sales market is coming up with its next generation mobiles. Redmi 1s, the basic smartphone piece from Xiaomi is already a hit and continuously gaining popularity. So, it is common that its successor is expected to be on its way with the new [...]

Continental’s Infrared curtain Brings Touchscreen To Cheap Cars

by RJ Kon December 21, 2014
Touchscreen is the best innovation till date in this decade in terms of display and interaction with the system. They have been used across industries. The automotive industry has integrated this in its dashboards,but mostly it is high-end class we see such technology. This is because of the high cost of the integration. This scenario [...]


Cicret Braclet Turns Your Arm Into A Touchscreen Display

by DRajon December 21, 2014
Yesterday, we saw clip on by Sony in the wearable sector of gadgets. Today we are going to look at Cicret. This is an interesting gadget which opens several doors to the wearable arena in the market. Cicret turns your arm into a touch interactive display which can be connected to smart phone .This wearable [...]
Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu Mobile Release Expected In Early 2015

by DRajon December 21, 2014
It is Christmas season and year has almost come to an end, so we can easily guess that Canonical, the parent company behind Ubuntu has confirmed that their devices will be launched early next year. Previously these devices were planned to be released in 2014 which is now delayed. Cristian Parrino, vice president of Canonical [...]


Bitcoins Can Now Be Exchanged To Buy Microsoft Apps & Games

by RJ Kon December 21, 2014
Microsoft is the abode of many premium features, apps and games. The user has to buy the full version to enjoy the complete features of the applications or the games. To buy things from Microsoft now the users can use the Bitcoins. As mentioned in the blog post on Dec 11 from Microsoft. The Bitcoin [...]

iCamPro FHD, First Domestic Robot for Tracking Intruders

by Ranjan Yadavon December 21, 2014
iCamPro FHD, from Amsterdam, Netherlands based Amaryllo International Inc., is world’s first domestic robot, designed to track intruders. This robot device is the winner of 2015 Best of Innovation award for its amazing ability to search for and track any movement. Available in Glossy White and Flat Black, the iCamPRO FHD is world’s first intelligent [...]

Volvo’s New System To Connect Cyclists With Its Cars

by RJ Kon December 20, 2014
Volvo, the most celebrated automotive manufacture has been the house of ground breaking designs and technologies for years. It has been setting the standards of the industry in its segment. Leading the change, Volvo has announced almost an year ago that it was working with POC, the Swedish helmet manufacturer in developing a car-to cyclist [...]


BlackBerry & Boeing To Work On Self-Destruction Phone

by RJ Kon December 20, 2014
Blackberry is the mobile technology company that gave the world first taste of smart functionalities. Recent developments have been indicated by the company include its partnership with the more demanded aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The partnership has been aimed to develop a high-security Android-based smartphone. The Boeing Black phone is being developed by the Chicago-based aerospace [...]

WEPO is a Wearable Pollution Monitoring Device

by Ranjan Yadavon December 20, 2014
WEPO, from Chennai India, is a smart wearable pollution exposure monitoring device. It is built on the philosophy of the 36th United States President, Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969), “The American People have a right to air that they and their children can breathe without fear”. The WEPO visionaries’ state on their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page [...]


Lambert’s New Headphone Amp Audio System is Amazing

by Ranjan Yadavon December 20, 2014
Lambert Company, from Waihi, New Zealand, brings their new headphone amplifier and audio system ‘play it by year’, that is powerful, physically small and acoustically massive. It is also musically rich and is seen as the ultimate desktop audio system. The Lambert Small Wonder Series has always been straight forward audio components that seem as [...]

Online Privacy Issues To Be Resolved by 2025, Experts Say

by RJ Kon December 20, 2014
Technology has been developing from this decade at a faster pace than ever. This fast technological advances have left the  positive and negative foot prints so far. The positive footprints include the globalization, almost every human being with access to technology  can be reached or contacted and many more. The negative effects include the stealing [...]


Now Google+ Will Automatically Make Your Videos Look Great

by DRajon December 20, 2014
Google+ already have some awesome features, one of them is auto awesome feature of photos. Just after introduction people easily gelled with this new idea and now Google is adding this feature to the videos too. Google recently announced that this auto awesome feature will enhance the video in terms of brightness ,noise, contrast. Unlike photos [...]
BMW self parking car

BMW Self Parking Car To Be Previewed At CES 2015

by DRajon December 20, 2014
The car manufacturer BMW recently previewed technology which helps you to park the cars automatically. This will be showcased at the CES 2015 as spoken by BMW officials. It can recognize the environment and avoid obstacles in 360 degree angle and is named as Remote Valet Parking Assistant. Though this thing cannot be implemented immediately [...]

instant start computer

Instant-start Computer Gets Life From Multiferroic Property

by DRajon December 20, 2014
Today’s memory storage devices run using electric current which limits the power consumption and makes it unreliable. But what if we change this and make the memory without current, it definitely makes our computer fast and reliable and makes it start instanlty. This exactly is achieved by a team from Cornell University. John Heron led [...]

Indiegogo Extends America’s Kermit Gosnell Movie Campaign

by Ranjan Yadavon December 20, 2014
Indiegogo has extended a historic crowdfunding campaign for a movie about America’s biggest serial killer Kermit Gosnell, brought to you by Ann and Phelim Media. Indiegogo, the worlds crowdfunding portal, has just extended the “Forever Funding” service to the campaigners of the film, Gosnell Movie. This allows projects to re-open their crowdfunding campaign and continue [...]
hp omen laptop

Omen is the HP’s Best Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i7 Processor

by DRajon December 20, 2014
HP, at the end of the year released one of its best gaming laptop pricing at $1500. It is quite powerful considering the mid-range laptop specs which we previously saw. It can be compared with Lenovo 15-inch Y50 series. It has Intel Core i7 processor and both RAM and SSD can be updated .This specifically [...]


SPOKE Magazine for Cyclers To Arrives Soon

by Ranjan Yadavon December 20, 2014
Magazine for the cycling citizen, SPOKE, is soon arriving to the shelves near you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. SPOKE magazine is a new publication dedicated only to cycling in Philadelphia. Being a free print quarterly, SPOKE shall delve deep into politics, infrastructure and culture of cycling as it influences Philadelphians who bike, whether for [...]
US China

Coming War Between US and China, A Documentary by John Pilger

by Ranjan Yadavon December 20, 2014
Coming War, a John Pilger documentary, is about the coming war between America and China. It is the new documentary project campaign now live on Indiegogo, envisioned by John Pilger from London, United Kingdom. John Pilger is a renowned war correspondent, author and film-maker. Having made 59 documentary films, he has won British journalism’s highest [...]