BMW’s Folding Concept Scooter, Mini CitySurfer, is Mind-blowing

by RJ Kon November 26, 2014
BMW has been the brand name for comfort and stylish automotive. Now the company has entered the urban transport vehicle segment with its folding electric vehicle concept. This segment has seen vehicles from the start-ups and idealistic entrepreneurs. This is the first time a company with such a wide reach is entering this segment. The […]
ibm verse

IBM Verse Is The First E-mail To Feature ‘Faceted Search’

by Dharti Shahon November 26, 2014
  IBM launched its new e-mail application for businesses that integrates social media and analytics to help organisations and employees increase productivity. The new email ‘IBM Verse’, which is a part of company’s strategy to shift from hardware services to cloud computing and data analytics, is the first application to come out from company’s USD […]


Oculus Rift From SMI Gets Eye Tracking Update

by RJ Kon November 26, 2014
SensoMotoric Instrument (SMI) is planning to give the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset an additional functionality. This additional functionality involves eye tracking and would be added to the Oculus’ recently released Development Kit 2 (DK2). The DK2 is able to track the head motion of the user with a series of sensory and a camera. […]

Are There Too Many Smartphones? Samsung Says “Yes!”

by Dharti Shahon November 26, 2014
  In an unexpected announcement from the world’s largest maker of smartphones, Samsung, it just said that it’s going to start making fewer phones. The company says it’s axing as much as 30% of its product lineup for next year, and it’s a big lineup. Despite how odd that sounds, this “less-is-more” approach is probably the safest thing Samsung […]


New Powerful Nvidia Tesla Offers 24GB Graphics Memory

by RJ Kon November 26, 2014
Nvidia, is the only name that comes to a computer programmer when he thinks about adding high end graphics to his machine or code. Nvidia, is the leading GPU provider in the world. It provides the best in industry graphics for making them more realistic.  Now Nvidia has unveiled its latest graphics offering in the […]
brain communication

It’s Amazing How Your Brain Uses Internet To Communicate

by Dharti Shahon November 26, 2014
Researchers at the University of Washington have established a ‘brain to brain communication’ link using the internet. It is termed as a break-through in scientific achievements. The finding provides scientific evidence of the human brain being able to send a signal to another person, leading to a motor action – such as a hand moving. […]

Google Project Loon

Google Achieves Another Milestone With Its Project Loon

by RJ Kon November 25, 2014
Google has launched Project Loon in June 2013, which aimed to bring Internet connectivity ot the world via balloon launched high into the stratosphere is nothing short of challenging, but the company appears to have risen to the occasion and brought a little finesse to the early experimentation. Google has announced its achievement this week […]

Experience New Ad-free Web Surfing With Google Contributor

by RJ Kon November 25, 2014
Advertisements are the only way to pass the message of the new product launch and its features to the masses with the minimum of the investment. It helps boosting the business to a greater extent. But what if the advertisements appear with every click you make while surfing the internet. Its quite irritating and frustrating […]
android lollipop

Android’s Mandatory Encryption Is Slowing Down Your Device

by RJ Kon November 24, 2014
Imagine a bank with no security and any measures of recovery. It is most vulnerable for any act of robbery. This is the same case with the smartphones with any security features.They may be just blue jacked or even hacked through multiple sources resulting of leakage of our most precious personal data. Keeping our smartphone […]


Nokia To Hit New Asian Markets in 2015

by RJ Kon November 24, 2014
Nokia just sold its handsets market to Microsoft and now it comes up with something new for itself. The company plans to launch a 7.9 inch tablet next year in the biggest market of world, China.The Finnish company always made its mark since its launch in 19th century as a paper manufacturer. The Apple manufacturer, Taiwan-based Foxconn, will […]

Twitter Introduces Search Service Through The Twitter Index

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
It’s search time with the newly announced Twitter Index. The social media giant on Tuesday has announced that it has indexed and made searchable every public tweet made since the microblogging platform’s launch in 2006. The results from the search will be available through the “All” tab of search results generated by its Web client […]

Apple building

Apple to Pay $23.6M for Infringing Patent on Pager Tech

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
The clash of titans is what the tech industry has been experiencing in the last few years. The leading tech companies have been fighting over the patent issues and lots of money is being paid towards the infringement of the patent rights. In the recent revelation, the leading mobile manufacturer Apple has been sued by […]

Corning Reveals Gorilla Glass 4, Promises No More Broken iPhones

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
For all the iPhone users whose mobiles are mostly present in the accident-prone zone here is a good news. The smartphone screen glass is getting a new update from the company and is promising more durability in the future. On Thursday, Apple supplier Corning introduced the next-generation Gorilla Glass, which it said is ten times […]

Yahoo To Announce Q2 Earnings One Day After Appointing New CEO

Yahoo Makes A Deal With Mozilla To Drive Google Out of Race

by RJ Kon November 23, 2014
Yahoo is making moves to increase its search market share through various investments, acquisitions and deals. One such recent deal was between the internet giant and the web browser Firefox maker Mozilla Corp. According to the deal Yahoo will be made the default search engine for the web browser in the US. The idea of […]

Alba is The First Responsive Lightbulb From Stack Lighting

by RJ Kon November 22, 2014
Controlling the brightness of the room by controlling the lighting devices through an app on the smartphone is old school in this modern era. The Phillips Hue which is a Wi-Fi enabled lighting is such a device needing smartphone app. Stack Lighting wanted to create lighting devices which are independent and adjust the brightness depending […]

Asus Zen Watch

Asus Zen Watch Review: A Perfect Blend of Tech and Style

by RJ Kon November 22, 2014
Asus, the computer hardware company has been on trials to make a stable market in the mobiles segment. But apart from Nexus 7, the company is almost not visible in the searches for smartphones. Now the company is making game changing plans to improve its market in the untapped areas like wearables. The recent release […]
the square bottle

The Square By Clean Bottle: BPA Free Water, Fruit-Infusing Bottle

by Gizmoration November 22, 2014
No matter where we are we have to stay hydrated. And for this we need an easy to clean and handle bottle. The Square 2.0 bottle is an update on the original Square, which is a stainless steel, rectangular bottle designed to stay put when dropped. Unlike other water bottles, the Square unscrews from both ends making it a […]
company office

How The Unified Communications Is Changing The Workforce

by Gizmoration November 20, 2014
Is your business considering deploying a cloud-based communication tool? While the benefits far outweigh the costs, you still may have lot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed. First of all, how will this tool affect your workplace? Following the introduction of unified communications as a whole, this tool has quickly established itself as […]

Bomber Barrel bag

Is Bomber Barrel The Best Duffel Bag Ever?

by Matthew Lucason November 18, 2014
You can use it all the time to the office, gym, on hikes and in all of your adventures or journeys. The Bomber Barrel is an ultra grade nylon duffel bag and its minimalist design makes it suitable, basically, for everyone. The Bomber Barrel is weather-resistant, very light at just 390 grams, and it features an […]

The New Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones Are Incredible

by RJ Kon November 15, 2014
Beats has been the choice of brand when it comes the music accessories especially the headphones which have the best-est quality output in the segment. For starters, the craze and the brand value of Beats would give an insight on how famous is the brand in every corner of the world. The quality output from […]