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Motorola’s Moto 360 Smartwatch !!!

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 25, 2014
Back in March 2014, Google unveiled its brand new wearable tech operating system, Android wear. The first to chime in the product announcement was the trusty Motorola – the company spoke up a matter of hours after Android wear was initially unveiled. Finally Moto 360 is officially here. Display and Design : Moto 360 has […]

Facebook Launches an Anonymous Chat App Called Rooms

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 24, 2014
Facebook on Thursday released an application that lets the users create virtual ‘rooms’ to chat about whatever they wish using any name they would like. This software is introduced in the US and Britain and is available now for iPhone. Users can sign in to the app with an email address or use a pseudonym […]


Hybrid Like Efficiency With Radical 4-in-1 Piston Engine

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 24, 2014
The automotive industry has become one of the most competitive field of work and lot of investments are being made on the research work which aim to design most efficient and powerful engines. Now the new marvel in engine design is the 4-in-1 piston engine concept. Namikoshi Electronics of Japan believes its unorthodox concept engine […]

AOL is Now Made Available on Google’s Android TV

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 24, 2014
AOL has announced that its new app will be available on Google’s Android TV, the same day when the internet giant unveiled the first streaming media player that would run the new platform. AOL said that its library of premium content would help them in expanding the reach of its service. The company’s app include […]


Amazing iPhone App to Ensure Your Eye Health

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 22, 2014
Technology has widespread into all aspects. Digital innovations make it possible for consumers to use portable devices to access their medical information, monitor their vital signs and carry out a wide range of tasks. Now iPhone brought an interesting app to ensure your eye health. Researchers have successfully used an iPhone app for imaging the […]

Is Android 5.0 Lollipop Good For Your Device? When And Where To Get It?

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 22, 2014
Android 5.0 Lollipop was unveiled by Google at its I/O Developer Conference in June. The new OS was called as Android L at that time. The developers say that this operating system is the most drastic change to Android since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich in late 2011. Lollipop has redesigned user interface referred […]


Amazing $250 Intel Based Chromebook 2 From Samsung Released

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 21, 2014
Google, the internet giant has introduced its first OS platform, Chrome OS which has become huge hit in the technology market. And from the launch of Chromebook by the it has been the rapidly growing OS platform. And now Samsung has revealed a new, 11.6 inch addition to the line that’s powered by an Intel […]

Customized Knee Replacement Surgery Enabled by 3D Printing

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 21, 2014
This modern age has witnessed one of the all time greatest inventions. One of the many and most popular invention was the technology of 3D printing. It has been used in almost all the fields that one could think of. Be it a toy or a medical implant the 3D printed items prove to be […]

Mind Controlled Robotic Arms Are Now a Reality

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 21, 2014
Robotics, the parent for the mind controlled robotic arm, has been an essential part of revolutionizing any technology. Since a decade or so there has been more inclination towards robotics in all the fields of the science. It has been one field that does not have any limits to reach. Its use in prostheses  has […]


Google Taps Unused Airwaves, Aims for Super Fast Internet

by Rajesh K S S Kon October 21, 2014
In the recent revelations in the reports of Reuter, the tech giant Google has applied tto the FCC which is to obtain the permission to use the unused air waves to begin wireless spectrum tests in the San Francisco area. The company wanted such a permission as it would want to test its new technology […]

Eyeless Swimmer : Cousins of Humans!!

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 19, 2014
Is n’t it surprising and exciting to know that some bizarre creature is our very distant cousin! But it is proved to be so. They have been a mystery since their discovery more than a century ago. With the discovery of fossils of these bizarre creatures recently on Kangaroo island off of Australia, researchers understood […]


Facebook challenges You Tube for Video Supremacy

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 19, 2014
You Tube is the most popular video-sharing site which allows us to view or post videos. Many users across the world use You Tube for checking on videos or posting their ad videos or movies or whatever it is. But recently, to our surprise, Facebook which is a social networking website has dominated You Tube […]

Tips to secure your Android device!

by Prasanna Kasibhatlaon October 19, 2014
It is not enough if you only know how to use your smart phone or any other android devices. You should also be aware of managing it without risks and securing it from threats either online (hacking) or offline (stolen). You can follow the following tips to secure your android device. 1. Lock your Smartphone […]