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EMV Technology: The Main Keys to Making a Smooth Transition

by Gizmoration November 21, 2015
Switching to EMV has worked small business owners up into a frenzy – it’s confusing, the new smartcard readers are expensive, and it’s unsure exactly when magnetic strips will be taken offline. Here are some important facts you need to know about EMV cards and processing. Why Is The Industry Changing? The industry has been […]
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Lean Management & Outsourced IT Back Office Teams: Can it Actually Work?

by Gizmoration November 20, 2015
There are many advantages to small businesses for hiring one of the many IT companies in London. IT support  provides a lower cost solution to handling the IT infrastructure of a company, while allowing the business to focus on their core objectives. It also provides access to a talented pool of professionals who specialize directly […]


Down and Out: How to React During Web Hosting Service Disruptions

by Gizmoration November 17, 2015
Hostgator, a major web hosting service, went to down on October 29, 2014. GoDaddy another web hosting major, saw its servers go down for hours on April 18, 2015, and then again on July 29, 2015. While these services sorted out their problems, the millions of small businesses that used these services to host their […]

What to Consider When Choosing Mobile App Development Technology

by Matthew Lucason November 11, 2015
There are several things to consider when it comes to mobile app development. Before you get into learning about and choosing a DSP (Demand Side Platform), you first need to think about what technology you will use to develop your mobile application and whether or not the development process is something that you will do […]

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The Sport of Social Engineering: From Baiting to Phishing

by Matthew Lucason November 9, 2015
Social engineering sounds like a harmless college social experiment, but it’s one of the most devastating ways hackers can gain access to your company’s sensitive data and destroy you from within. Here’s what you need to know about it and how to protect yourself. The Plea For Help Security companies, like Sec-Tec, see this one […]
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Will The Microsoft vs Apple Competition Dissapear?

by Gizmoration October 15, 2015
A new spirit of collaboration appears to the order of the day under new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, as the company has become more open to the prospect of releasing apps across non-windows devices. Old adversary Apple offers Office for iPad and that has been downloaded more than 45 million times since it became available, […]


Best Selling Smartphones Of The Last 20 Years

by Eric Brownon September 30, 2015
Mobile phones are an integral part of our modern lives and many would consider that Apple’s iPhone would probably be at the top of the list of best selling smartphones over the last 20 years. As this infographic reveals, some of the top sellers may well surprise you and in fact the number one spot […]

6 Reasons to Convert Your PDF to Flipbook Format

by Matthew Lucason September 3, 2015
Since the rise of the Internet, there has been an increasing appetite for reading content online. The advantages are obvious, with content being accessible anytime and anywhere. PDF has been one of the main ways of distributing digital content, but it does have its limitations. With the introduction and growth of flipbook technology, so people […]
business productivity

International Business Expansion And The Best Online Tools

by Matthew Lucason August 6, 2015
As a business grows, expanding overseas will be inevitable. Global markets offer greater opportunities for growth, and smaller firms are finding that their unique services are very much in demand overseas. It might seem a huge and daunting prospect, but by paying attention to detail, outsourcing administrative functions, and utilizing online tools, businesses can give […]

LG Mercedes Self-Driving Cars

Tech That Has Revolutionized The Automotive Sector

by Matthew Lucason August 6, 2015
Although many recent headlines have focused on the impending wave of driverless cars due to come to international markets soon, computers already play a huge role in the automotive industry. You don’t need to be a mechanic or car hobbyist to know that modern vehicles have extensive computer functionality built in, both in the cabin […]
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Popularity Of E-Cig Gadget

by Chris Murphyon August 5, 2015
E-cigs as the latest gadget E-cigs are by no means a new invention, they have been floating about the periphery of the tech world for about three years now. One a clunky and cumbersome device, if you came across a vaper you may have regarded them with curiosity, what was that baton they were puffing […]

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How Has Laser Surgery Developed Over The Years?

by Matthew Lucason August 5, 2015
The use of laser eye surgery has changed considerably from when it was first developed. We are constantly seeing advances in the technology and procedures that are used, creating more successful and safer ways of operating. It is not just laser eye surgery that is benefiting from these new technologies. Other types of cosmetic surgery […]

Best Free Tools For Your YouTube ToolBox (Infographic)

by Gizmoration July 28, 2015
If you are looking to create a great YouTube video which is going to be viewed by many and might even go viral, it makes sense to make the most of all the YouTube toolbox. There are so many excellent tools built into the your YouTube user account and with options like the Creator Hub, […]


How to Choose The Best TV Provider For Your Needs

by Gizmoration July 28, 2015
When it comes to choosing a TV provider there are many things that you need to take into consideration in order to make sure you are signing up for a package which is truly going to meet your needs. As well mobile devices.as pricing and channel line-ups, you are also going to have to choose […]

Google Reportedly To Launch Photo App With Better Privacy

by Rajesh Ksskon June 17, 2015
Google, the Internet giant is reportedly to launch photo app similar to the Google + image but with enhance privacy controls. This is in accordance with the images leaked by Android Police. According to the report the app is called Google Photos. This would be launched to the Android platform at first and would be […]


5 Wearable Technologies You Didn’t Even Know Existed

by Gizmoration June 12, 2015
With the cacophony of hype about the Apple Watch, the wearable industry has everyone from tech enthusiasts to fashionistas buzzing about smartwatches. But as world leaders in flexible electronics continue to improve upon the existing technology, innovators are able to develop new devices to fit practically anywhere. At this astonishing rate of growth, it’s near […]
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Foreign Games You Need On Your Tablet

by Gizmoration June 5, 2015
Games are a common obsession around the world. But if you’ve been playing the games you get off the top list on your tablet’s app store, you may be restricting yourself to only the games popular where you live. If you want to play something fresh or a bit off beat, check out these fantastic […]
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How Social Media Is Rewiring Your Teens’ Brains? Internet Parental Control App Can Help

by Gizmoration May 30, 2015
The social media life of the app-obsessed teens is no less than a mess today. If you sit and observe how they use the Internet and their favorite networking apps, you will be shocked how quickly they get bored of one app and switch to another. Waking up in the morning, getting ready for the […]


Twitter’s Periscope Is Now Coming To Android Platform

by Rajesh Ksskon May 27, 2015
The video streaming app Periscope from Twitter is now being made available on the Google’s Android platform after its recent launch and success on the Apple devices. The micro-messaging web giant has acquired the company in January 2015 and has added its own flavour to the application and launched onto the iOS platform. After a […]
Google Tone

Google Introduces Tone Extension To Chrome For Sharing Info

by Rajesh Ksskon May 26, 2015
Sharing has been the key to success over the years. Be it knowledge transfer or information transfer or work transfer, sharing has resulted the unsolvable to be solvable. Files sharing through email and instant messaging have made it even simpler and easier. But for sharing in the same room these means seem to be complicated. […]