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Top Ink Saving Laser Printers for Smart Offices

by Gizmoration August 27, 2014
Top ink saving printers for smart offices Printers are an integral part of any office. In a world where all information and nearly all work is done online, printing out you material for submission becomes the only way to have a physical copy of your work. An office typically processes a large volume of work […]

First Airline Jumps Onboard Faster Gogo 2Ku Bandwidth Plan

by Nino Marchettion August 27, 2014
One thing it seems like you can never have enough in flying the commercial skies, besides free booze, is the right amount of wireless Internet bandwidth to do things like streaming video. That is about to change on at least one airline, Aeromexico, as it became the first to sign up with global aero-communications service provider […]

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4 Online Marketing Tools to Become an Effective Communicator & Leader

by Gizmoration August 27, 2014
The tools we utilize to remain competitive and organize our personal lives and business continue to evolve at pace. While the one thing, since the dawn of commerce, that continues to remain the same is effective communication. Communication ensures that your products reach its intended audience; it means that your content reaches the appropriate eyes […]

ZipRecruiter Receives First External Funding, $63M

by Ranjan Yadavon August 27, 2014
ZipRecruiter, founded in 2010, is the easiest social networks job posting service online that automatically distributes to multiple job boards on the web. The global market for jobseeking and hiring services is projected to be worth around $85 billion. A startup named ZipRecruiter has recently announced a major round of funding that it expects will […]


Tastebuds Acquires Music-Dating App, Moosify

by Ranjan Yadavon August 27, 2014
Tastebuds Media Ltd., the London based social dating network that connects users according to their music interests, is acquiring its U.S. competitor moosify. Moosify is a mobile-first “social dating” app that also connects people around music, it is a rival to Tastebuds. Terms of the deal are still not made public. Tastebuds co-founder Alex Parish […]

Amazon Acquiring Twitch for Over $1 Billion

by Ranjan Yadavon August 27, 2014
Amazon, the Seattle, Washington based international e-commerce and online retailer, has confirmed acquiring Twitch, a live streaming video gaming platform, for $970 million in cash. Amazon’s recent quarterly report states that it had around $5.06 billion in cash and equivalents at the end of the period. Amazon is poised to spend around 20 percent of […]


Ralph Lauren Releases Smart Shirt for Athletes

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 26, 2014
Being smart is the way to live in this modern era. Sports is the field that is most concentrated on by the developers of new technology. They are implementing their amazing ideas to improve the precision and accuracy, which is the key factor for success in this field. Success and failure are different by a […]
Quantum Of The Seas Cruise Ship Features Robot Bartenders

Quantum Of The Seas Cruise Ship Features Robot Bartenders

by Nino Marchettion August 26, 2014
Royal Caribbean, which had the notorious distinction earlier this year of hundreds of its passengers and crew getting sick from the norovirus, is looking to bounce back from that public relations nightmare in part through the use of new technologies for its latest ship Quantum of the Seas. The hope is those seeking vacation on […]

Citizen Developers Seeing More Big Enterprise IT Love

by Nino Marchettion August 26, 2014
Next time you see a business lead at your organization meeting with a well dressed individual sporting a Mac laptop in a conference room, there’s a good chance it could be a so-called citizen developer helping to implement enterprise IT solutions outside the company’s normal structure. A recent IBM survey highlights this fact, finding 80 […]


VidOn Box Wants To Be Your Android Set Top Media Player

by Nino Marchettion August 26, 2014
Set top boxes these days are a dime a dozen across a range of operating system platforms. Android is one of the latest to come to this type of device, with VidOn.me recently unveiling its new VidOn Box for those looking for a sleek looking streaming box. The VidOn Box, running off Android 4.4, offers […]
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Robots Can Now Learn About Humans With Robo Brain

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 26, 2014
Robots are going to be the next generation assistants for all the activities. With artificial intelligence picking up the pace for its implementation in the machines robot is believed to know more than a man can know in his lifetime. The robot technology involves the development of emotionally aware systems. Now the time has come […]

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Facebook Introduces Changes for its Newfeed

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 26, 2014
Facebook, there are few people who does not know what this is and we can count their number of fingers. The number of subscribers for this has been on the rise from its inception. The website has been undergoing number of changes to improve the user experience on the website making it more user friendly […]
Curved 4k OLED TV LG

Amazing Curved 4k OLED TV by LG, Hits the Market

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 26, 2014
LG has been the most prominent company for consumer electronics with a wide range of products. It has been and still is a tough competition to beat in this segment by any other company. LG has come up with its flagship product the curved TV for the best television viewing experience with variants last year. […]