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3 Easy Ways to Create an App with No Experience

by Gizmoration March 1, 2015
App development isn’t as hard as it was in the past. Business owners who want to get into the mobile space can make an app and test it too using app-building tools available on the market. While technical know-how is important to make a killer app, these platforms just help make the job a lot easier for you, increasing [...]

Google, Mobile and The Next Billion

by Gizmoration March 1, 2015
The change in Google’s narrative over the past few months has been very interesting to watch. The recent “Peak Google” proclamations remind me of Facebook’s post-IPO narrative in 2012. Conventional wisdom back then was that Facebook’s decline was imminent as mobile was not a meaningful part of their revenue. Of course, Facebook’s app install ads and other [...]

NASA Harlem Shake video

5 Secrets of Making a Creative Video

by Gizmoration February 28, 2015
With the video craze only getting crazier, there’s more and more stiff competition to make sure yours gets the attention you know it deserves. As more and more creative videos show up diversifying the web, you’ll need to step up your video production game in order to get your voice heard. Videos are great for [...]
human resources software

How HR Software Can Increase Your Productivity

by Gizmoration February 23, 2015
Keeping a business running smoothly can be a bit of a challenge at times. From employee information and absences to holidays and pay, keeping track of everyone can easily start to become complicated, especially as your business grows. That’s where Human Resources (HR) software can be invaluable. HR software helps you to track, collect and [...]


Dolfi is A Hand-Size Futuristic Washing Device

by Ranjan Yadavon February 10, 2015
Dolfi is a futuristic washing device. Dolfi is a hand-size device developed in Düsseldorf, Germany, meant to clean your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. Dolfi is the next generation cleaning technology that is gentle on clothes and tough on dirt. It gets clothes thoroughly cleaned from inside out with the power of ultrasound [...]
Nokia 105 cheapest phone

Nokia Might Team Up With Meizu According To Rumors

by DRajon February 10, 2015
Nokia was once the most successful and prominent phone manufacturers ever and history will remember it by its name and the contribution it made to the mobile industry. Unfortunately, Nokia was sold-off to Microsoft. Microsoft is selling its tablets only over China sicne then. Now, Nokia is looking forward for the partnership with start-up which [...]

smart dns

SmartyDNS Review: What is Smart DNS and Why You Should Use It?

by Gizmoration February 10, 2015
SmartyDNS provides a Smart DNS service for tech savvy customers that are looking to bypass geo restricted content but for those not in the know, what exactly is Smart DNS? Well it is a rather simple concept. Many websites on the internet today are blocked to people outside of certain countries, like for example Netflix [...]
samsung galaxy tab s

Top Features To Consider While Buying Android Tablets

by Gizmoration February 5, 2015
The tablet computers have been a revelation in the technology world. The small, handy smart device allows you do everything that you would do on a computer but on the move and with much ease. No matter, if you are a business person, a student, ardent gamer or avid reader, a tablet would cater to [...]

Wearable Technology Trends & Predictions For 2015 and Beyond

by Gizmoration February 4, 2015
By now, it’s safe to say that wearable technology has graduated from the “novelty” category. User adoption has reached a level that guarantees most people no longer stare with awe at someone wearing a watch with a touch display. Despite the privacy concerns and other related issues associated with Google Glass and similar eye-worn devices, [...]


smrtGRiPS, The World’s First Connected Bike Grips

by Ranjan Yadavon February 3, 2015
smrtGRiPS is World’s First Connected Bike Grips. smrtGRiPS is the world’s first and most integrated connected bike upgrade ever built. It is a bike upgrade that turns your bike smarter, safer and even more enjoyable to ride without ever requiring a display. smrtGRiPS seamlessly integrates eyes-free navigation, haptic feedback notifications and acts as a bike tracker, it [...]

RideOn, World’s First True AR Goggles for Snow Sports

by Ranjan Yadavon February 3, 2015
RideOn, from Tel Aviv, Israel, are world’s first true AR goggles meant for snow sports. RideOn goggles are the world’s first true augmented reality (AR) goggles for skiing and snowboarding. RideOn goggles have a see-­through display that projects AR layers and features on the snow, making the snow seem floating 15 feet in front of [...]

Bitcoin banned by China

Bitcoin Island: Is the Isle of Man the Next Crypto Valley?

by Gizmoration February 2, 2015
Silicon Valley, in California, USA, is the mecca for all things technology. But, The Isle of Man hopes to be the mecca for Bitcoin – the controversial digital currency. The island, which sits between England and Ireland, raised more than a few eyebrows recently when it hinted that it may officially welcome Bitcoin as a [...]

Dedicated, Shared Or VPS Hosting – What’s The Difference?

by Gizmoration February 2, 2015
Choosing a server account is pretty straightforward but a lot depends upon the amount of traffic that you expect to have running through your site. For standard blogging, small websites or basic online retail  a shared server is likely to be able to accommodate most needs. However for those wanting to be certain that their [...]


Diabeto Syncs Diabetes Readings to Smartphone

by Ranjan Yadavon January 31, 2015
Diabeto syncs diabetes readings to a smartphone with ease. Diabeto, built in Mumbai, India, is a cute looking accessible hardware device that wirelessly syncs Glucometer readings with your smartphone. Diabeto is a thorough management system that is meant to help people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in order to get clear insight and initiate [...]

Cynaps Mint, an Integratable Bone Conduction Headset

by Ranjan Yadavon January 29, 2015
Cynaps Mint is an integratable bone conduction headset built in San Francisco, California by Product Developer, Mike Freeman. Cynaps Mint allows you to convert any hat or helmet into a bone conduction headset thereby letting you to listen without even blocking your ears. The interesting part is thay you get a free sweat absorbing running [...]

mineral paper

Mineral Paper is Cheap, Water-Proof And Photodegradable

by DRajon January 29, 2015
With so much caution about Global warming and deforestation around, we need new technologies and methods to generate eco-friendly and recyclable material for their further use in future. A group of entrepreneurs from Mexico devised a method to convert all the PET bottles into paper which they claim will save 20 trees and 56000 liters [...]

Skoog 2.0 is An Innovative Music Interface

by Ranjan Yadavon January 29, 2015
Skoog 2.0 is an innovative music interface built in Edinburgh, U.K. Skoog is an uber-cool, app-ready, hands-on musical cube that has the potential to augment your creativity and bring it to life. Skoog is an exemplary standard for tactile control. Budding musicians can easily learn musical instrument that they play within seconds with Skoog. Families and [...]

Zero is World’s 1st Digital Earphone With DAC

by Ranjan Yadavon January 29, 2015
Zero is World’s 1st Digital Earphone with DAC. Zero, made in Kowloon, Hong Kong, is world’s 1st digital earphone. It lets you recreate Hi-Fi music from an Android phone via an integrated DAC and High Powered Amp Earphone. Zero is world’s smallest DAC + high-powered amplifier earphone designed to give full digital audio without the requirement for [...]

traffic mobile apps

Workout is Now Easier With These Mobile Apps

by DRajon January 29, 2015
Most probably you might be the one who took New Year resolution to keep up the fitness and go to gym to make a great body. But unfortunately, in the busy life we forget the workout. Don’t worry we bring you 2 best of all the apps which help you keep fit in the less [...]

Another Step Made In Wireless Charging Technology

by DRajon January 29, 2015
The tangled wires all around are definitely a sickening task to untangle and charge up your phone. For this purpose we have the invented wireless charging. Though wireless charging has come up from different tech brands, it is limited to certain range or area where you can place your mobile and it gets charged. Microsoft [...]