LG mini beam projector

LG Bluetooth MiniBeam Projector is Mind-blowing

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 23, 2014
We in this modern and technologically advanced era of life are the audience for the most remarkable and stunning innovation all time. The launch of smartphone and tablet has caused a revolution in the ways the gadgets can be used by any user. This device which can be held in your palm now acts the […]

Damage Sensing Using Human-like Skin on Aircrafts

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 23, 2014
We humans know what is pain when there is an physical injury on the skin which is one of the sensory organs of the body. It senses the change on its exterior and sends small electrical pulses to brain to act accordingly. Researchers at BAE Systems are developing a system that can feel or sense the […]


GL-10: a Prototype Solution of Hybrid Air Crafts

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 23, 2014
We all must have seen long endurance flights and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air crafts till now. But did you ever imagine of a hybrid that can launch vertically and then complete a long-endurance flight? A team from NASA’s Langley Research Center believe that they have developed a system which can perform both the […]
bubbly social network

Bubbly, Singaporean Social Media Start-up Acquired by Altruist

by Ranjan Yadavon August 23, 2014
Bubbly is a Singaporean voice-based social media app firm that is peddled to be the twitter and instagram for your voice. Post considering a series of close call acquisition bids, Bubbly is set to be acquired by Chandhigarh, India based, Altruist Technologies. The financials of the deal are not yet made official. Altruist, is a […]

Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet Set for an IPO, Sells 2.5% Stake to Holtzbrink

by Ranjan Yadavon August 22, 2014
Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based e-commerce incubator and investor, is anticipated to go for a public listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange, probably in the month of September. The incubator firm is valued at around $5.7 billion and is likely to list stakes of around 15 percent by selling new shares, according to industry sources. Sources also […]

Estimote Launches ‘Nearables’, New Stickers Beacon Hardware

by Ranjan Yadavon August 22, 2014
Estimote Beacons and Stickers, by New York based Estimote Inc., are little wireless sensors meant to be attached to any location or object.  They broadcast minute radio signals that a smartphone can obtain and construe, to unlock micro-location and contextual consciousness. Beacon provider Estimote is venturing deeper into the context business with Bluetooth-enabled stickers called […]


Chairless Chair Exoskeleton: the Coolest New Type of Wearables

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 22, 2014
The title seems to be intriguing, right? It is there but not there. It is always there and magically appears when needed on slight touch of a button. Chairless chair is the apt name for this gear as you can wear it like a exoskeleton. When not activated we can walk normally with the possibility […]

A Solution to Facilitate Self-driving Cars: LED Lights

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 22, 2014
Smart is the buzz word in this modern world with all the advanced technology development. Making thing smarter has been the primary goal for all the developers. Today engineers are trying all kinds of solutions to make the dream of self-driving cars possible. Few of the different solutions include the usage of lasers, radar, ad-hoc, […]

Xfinity On Campus Aims To Grab Millennial Eyeballs

by Nino Marchettion August 21, 2014
College students continue to get more tech made available to them as the days of traditional textbooks and entertainment fade away, replaced by glowing screens and more glowing screens. We saw that yesterday with one college’s expanded iPad textbook program, and now cable giant Comcast is getting in on the act with a new service […]


Bally Cash Connection Links Slot Jackpots In Two States

by Nino Marchettion August 21, 2014
Nevada and New Jersey are two states in which slot machine gambling can pay big bucks to gamblers and state coffers alike. Until recently though it wasn’t possible to garner possible winnings from progressive slot play that took into account activity in the two regions combined. Now that gaming regulators in Nevada and New Jersey have […]
exClone Inc

exClone Project Brings Us One Digital Clone Closer To Skynet

by Nino Marchettion August 21, 2014
Fears that digital clones of yourself or others could one day become smart enough to take over the world looks to be heading one step closer to reality. Well, maybe not, but digital cloning of yourself in a limited way is coming, or at least that’s the premise anyhow behind the new exClone Project, which […]

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and the Future of Experience Gaming

by Ranjan Yadavon August 21, 2014
Virtual Reality is indeed the next big thing in gaming sector as this is the fastest-growing entertainment sector in the world, worth $75.5bn in 2013. The gaming sector is anticipated to be worth more than $100bn by 2017. The prime event in the video-game arena is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), where publishers and developers […]

This Affordable Smart TV Range by Roku is Worth a View

by Rajesh K S S Kon August 21, 2014
Who does not want to use a smartphone in this modern technologically advanced era of life? This smart device evolution has made things very accessible to every person in any corner of the world provided that it has mobile connectivity.The smart phone has paved the way for what is called the most advanced device a […]