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No Driver Licences After 2040

by on September 18, 2012


After the spectacular evolution of the phones, now it is time for the transportation department to move on into a new era. GM’s Cadillac division will produce partially autonomous cars at a large scale by 2015, and the carmaker also hopes to have fully autonomous cars available by the end of the decade.

GM’s competitors, Audi and BMW have also shown self-driving car concepts, with the former working with Stanford to pilot a modified TT up Pikes Peak. Meanwhile, Google is ripping along at its own rapid pace with a fleet of fully autonomous Toyota Prius hybrids that have logged over 300,000 miles.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)  released predictions that autonomous cars will account for up to 75 percent of vehicles on the road by the year 2040. The organization went even further, forecasting how infrastructure, society and attitudes could change when self-driving cars become the norm around the middle of the century.

IEEE envisions an absence of traffic signs and lights since highly evolved, self-driving cars won’t need them, and it believes that full deployment could even eliminate the need for driver’s licenses.

While this all sounds sci-fi, we are already starting to see separate threads of this autonomous-car future being weaved in current real-world tests.

Do you think the no driver licences era is close?


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