The Popinator: Voice Activated Popcorn Launcher Directly Into Your Mouth

by on September 21, 2012

Popcorn Indiana company thinks that it is way too much trouble for you to reach out for a bowl or bag of popcorn and it has developed the Popinator, very possibly the world’s only smart popcorn launcher.

The Popinator is a cannon prototype, it is equipped with voice activation and binaural microphones, that help pinpoint the user’s location and figure out the correct trajectory toward your mouth. All you have to do is to say “Pop” command and the gadget will aim one of its corn projectiles into your mouth.

Popcorn, Indiana’s statement:

“All we have to say is: it is a work in progress right now. We certainly hope that one day it will become a commercial project, but as of now there is no shipping date and no price tag. It is purely a fun internal project we are toying with here at Popcorn Indiana. Based on the very positive responses we are getting online, we think this is well worth looking into as a commercial product.”

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