Gramophone Dock Uses A Horn To Amplify Music From Your iPhone and iPad

by on November 9, 2012

The Gramophone dock borrows its iconic analogue horn speaker from the earliest sound playback devices and uses it to amplify the music from your Apple gadgets. This retro device is created by Matt Richmond, a San Francisco-based furniture designer.

It works anywhere, anytime – no electricity or batteries needed. The base is handcrafted from solid walnut and fine walnut veneer and the horn is made from iron and brass.

The Gramophone’s dimensions are: Base=8½” sq. x 3¾”H and Horn=14″W x 13″D x 25″H.

The Gramophone dock accepts all iPhone models, including the iPhone 5. Now it is available for $249. There is also an iPad Gramophone available, for $299.


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