‘It’s Thanksgiving’ Song Becomes The New Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (WATCH)

by on November 10, 2012

“It’s Thanksgiving.” Everybody’s looking forward to Thanksgiving, right? So why does it feel like it’s Rebecca Black’s “Friday”?

Nicole Westbrook, the latest teen to release a home-cooked pop anthem on YouTube, is not thinking about partying all weekend with “Friday” viral pop wonder Black, she’s got her mind on holiday turkey and mashed potatoes.

Whether or not Westbrook will reach the same viral heights as Rebecca Black, her video is still full of absurd moments, such as cheap CGI fireworks, a “Be Thankful” sign on a lighthouse and even a drumstick that doubles as a microphone.

The song was created by Patrice Wilson who created “Friday” for Ark Music Factory. The “It’s Thanksgiving” song will be available on iTunes beginning Monday, November 12.

Obviously, this song will be just as hated as “Friday” was. But will it be a hit? Black’s song received tens of millions of views for its atrocious lyrics and general uselessness.

Check out the video:

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