Which Sex Is Better At Poker And Stats (INFOGRAPHIC)

by on November 10, 2012

Think of what type of people play traditional poker and online poker and the first image that springs to mind will probably be a male aged between 20 and 35 hoping to land a bumper jackpot.

Poker, though, attracts a real diverse range of players from all around the world and is not quite as male dominated as you may imagine – a point illustrated in this new infographic.

Poker forum CardsChat has conducted an in-depth investigation into how the different sexes play poker by quizzing 400 members of the online poker community.

Check out some of the results below, including a battle of the sexes with a result that may just surprise you. If you think men are the most committed poker players then you’d be wrong.

Have you also wondered what the different sexes spend their poker winnings on? Then wonder no more because this survey finds out the answer to that and so many other questions.

Check out the infographic “Which Sex Is Better At Poker” and tell us your opinion.

What do you think about this survey?

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