Wireless LAN Protection With A Simple Wallpaper: Is It Real?

by on November 15, 2012

Wi-Fi networks security is a major headache of millions of IT security department employees. The new French invention will surely make their life easier.

Did you know that you are surrounded by information streams every single minute of your life? GPS signals, cell phone waves and many other waves are coming through you. And that is not a secret that your private data can be easily stolen with the same technologies that you use for communication and mobile internet. Wireless security is a concern of mine for a rather long time. As specialist in privacy protection at Jammer-Store Inc today I would like to discuss the ways to protect your wireless network.

You should know that Wi-Fi uses 2.4 GHz radio waves to transmit signals. It is really hard to limit the spread of those waves and your network is visible and accessible from other buildings, from the street and your neighbors see it too. One of the simplest ways to protect our wireless network from unauthorized access is to set up MAC Address filtering. To achieve this you will have to go to your router’s web interface, get to the advanced set up window and turn that filtering on. Then you will have to type the MAC addresses that you wish to allow to connect your wireless network in.

But sometimes this solution is not so perfect as it seems to be. What to do if you simply don’t know who will connect to your network? In that case you will have to use some other ways. And you should know that Wi-Fi encryption protocols are rather obsolete and they can be hacked. WEP algorithm is the easiest to crack, the only thing you should do is to gather traffic between two devices connected to a wireless network and when the decryptor will have some critical amount of data it will give you the key. The time you will need to do it is between 15 seconds and 15 minutes. It depends on the network itself, your equipment and the quality of the signal.

There are also some exploits that allow hacking TKIP and even WPA2. Those protocols will take lots of time, but they are vulnerable. The only unhacked protocol is WPA2 Enterprise, but it won’t remain so forever. That’s why more and more people are trying to physically limit the area where their Wi-Fi signals are available. Most of them use Wi-Fi blocking devices. They do their job, but sometimes it is not the suitable solution.

Now, thanks to guys from French Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble the solution was found. The way to enhance your wireless security without jamming any signals lies in using special Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper. Other signals, like those our cell phones emit can pass through that wallpaper easily and Wi-Fi cannot. Bluetooth is also blocked, because it uses the same frequency – 2.4 GHz. The bad news are that that anti Wi-Fi wallpaper will be available next year only.

As the developers told that technology is focused on preventing wireless hacks, Wi-Fi snooping and their invention will also protect your health from radio waves influence. There are alternatives to jamming devices, but what specifically to use – is your own choice, both options have their pros and cons. As for me – I try to avoid wireless LAN.

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