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Privacy And Data Management On Mobile Devices Apps (INFOGRAPHIC)

by on November 30, 2012

More and more apps are beginning to ask for access to information they don’t necessarily need to function and as a result are quietly amassing our data. Using the mobile devices apps is making us more vulnerable. This puts us at a disadvantage not only if we lose our smartphone, but when we download certain apps that quietly amass our data. Young people aged 18-29 are more likely to download apps than those 50+.

Cell owners who have actually experienced a lost or stolen phoneare no more likely than average to back up the content of their phone. One quarter of younger users (ages 18-24) say that their personal data has been accessed by another person in an inappropiate way. Several cell phone owners say they have had another person access the content of their phone in a way that made them feel like their privacy was invaded.

In 2012 Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Research in Motion and Hewlett-Packard agreed to give apps the ability to post clear and complete information on how they collect, use and share user data.

Recently it has been reported that Android phones, specfically the Samsung Galaxy II, AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy III and any Android phone running the TouchWiz UI, can be wiped clean by going to any web page that contains a certain code.

While patches and updated should be available soon, ESET USSD Control, a free app, will also protect handsets from this attack.


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