How Strong is Your Password?

by on December 29, 2012

If you’re like me, you probably have dozens of different passwords. We all know that in order to protect ourselves online, we must have strong passwords. How do you know, though, if your passwords are strong enough?

Today’s infographic details the difference between a good (strong) password and a bad (weak) password and also includes several common passwords that are best avoided.

Unlike what you may think, strong or weak, are not just a matter of opinion, there are criteria that define what’s strong and what’s weak. For example, you may think that iwasbornonthefourthofjuly is a strong password, when in fact it’s not. It’s not weak because it’s easy to guess (unless you really are born on the fourth of July), it’s weak because a password generator would be able to crack this password very quickly.

When you create an account somewhere or when you need to pick a password to secure your web server, the advice always is to pick a strong password. It’s a bit of weird advice, much like telling someone to pick a good man or woman if you want to marry. If you didn’t think the person was a good person, you wouldn’t have married, and if you thought your password was weak, you wouldn’t have picked it. Luckily there’s a simple way to pick a strong password.

For more information on password strength refer to the infographic below.

Password Infographic

How strong do you think your password is after reading this article? Leave you thoughts in the comments section below.


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