Samsung Ativ S Review: Windows Phone 8

by on December 29, 2012

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Samsung was the first manufacturer to officially announce a Windows Phone 8 smartphone.  Microsoft mentions (not often) the its devices in marketing materials, and it feels like Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 efforts have been all but forgotten.

With a completely new user interface that is fast, friendly and functional, Samsung Ativ S is ready to reset user expectations in the smartphone market.

This Samsung Ativ S review shows that this Windows Phone 8 smartphone is one of the top 3 Windows devices now available and it works like a charm. The Ativ S is a huge Windows Phone handset, but it’s also only 8.7mm thick, making this both the largest and the thinnest Windows Phone 8 device available.

Some may just like the feel of the ATIV S in their palms. Your experience may vary, but we weren’t as afraid of an impending drop when using Samsung’s phone one-handed. For that matter, the interface itself is easier to navigate one-handed versus the Galaxy S III. The subtle design changes, along with Windows Phone’s larger UI elements, reduce the chances of launching something by accident and put your intended target just that much closer.


Inside, the Ativ S packs power. It doesn’t have an S3’s quad-core, but its 1.5 GHz dual-core is nothing to sneeze at. There’s also 1GB of RAM, and the option of 16 or 32GB of internal memory.

Fans of removable batteries and micro-SD cards rejoice, the Ativ S has both. Just like an S3, the thin backplate is removable, revealing a 2,300 mAh battery, micro-SIM and SD card slot. That, combined with ample internal memory, makes it ideal photos and videos.

On the rear you’ll also spy an 8-megapixel lense and LED flash. There’s also the long, thin speaker grill we often see on Samsung phones.

The top right side of the Ativ S has the lock/power button used for waking the phone and turning it off. On the bottom right lies a dedicated camera button, a signature of Windows Phone 8 design. It’s a choice we agree with, as it’s very convenient for grabbing a quick shot.

It’s impossible to check the Samsung ATIV S without discussing Windows Phone 8 which forms the phone’s personality. From the lock screen to the apps, I found Windows Phone 8 slick and easy to use.

iPhone and Android have 100′s of thousands of phone apps. Microsoft has much fewer but that will change over time.


 samsung ativ s

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