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Top 10 Advertising Stories of 2012

by on December 29, 2012

As the year draws to a close,  is time for rounding up the most interesting, compelling, and popular ads of the past year.

Check out our top 10 most popular advertisement stories from 2012 below:

1. What Could Famous Logos Look Like In 100 Years?


StockLogos, the world’s largest identity design community, has reviewed the history and imagined how famous logos from megabrands like Apple and Ford will look in the future.

2. A Twinkie Dissected Into Its 37 Ingredients


As Hostess Brands Inc. deals with the flood of inquiries interested in reviving the Twinkies brand, photographer Dwight Eschliman turned his attention to the ingredients that make up the snack.

3. What Would Famous Logos Look Like Written In Comic Sans?


Russian designer Oleg Tarasov has explored typography and the hated font Comic Sans (there is even a ‘Ban Comic Sans‘ website).

4. Unsuspecting Passerby Step On Pavement Squares And Reveal A Dance Party


As part of the campaign to promote Microsoft’s Windows 8, citizens of Oslo, Norway were treated to a surprise dance party whenever they stepped on a “Live Tile.”

5. Facebook Timeline Ads Show Your Clean Vs. Drug-Addicted Life


In a creative social media campaign, media agency McCann Digital Israel has used the new Facebook Timeline design to advertise for the Israel Anti-Drug Authority.

6. Agency Beer Fridge Only Opens When Weekly Time Sheets Are Done


Part social experiment, part incentive program, Casa created the Drink Time Sheet, a fridge full of free beer for employees to enjoy… after they’ve completed their time sheets.

7. Play Music On Terry Crews’ Muscles In Interactive Old Spice Ad


Who knew flexing your muscles could be so entertaining? In the latest ad for Old Spice, Terry Crews’ muscles become the controller for a variety of instruments.

8. IKEA Reveals A Digital Camera Made Of Cardboard


At the recent Fuorisalone event, a design expo held in Milan, IKEA gave out branded cameras in its press kit to media attendees.

9. Lickable Elevator Features Wallpaper Covered In Cake


In many office buildings, most people entering an elevator hardly make eye contact with one another, so the idea of licking the elevator walls together seems completely far-fetched.

10. Burger King Immortalizes Its Cheeseburger In Eyeshadow


Burger King’s latest foray into visual advertising introduces a new wave of possibilities for using makeup and other cosmetics to promote a brand or service.

Which one of these 10 advertising stories is your favorite? Let us know your opinion.

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