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5 Tech Resolutions for 2013

by on December 30, 2012


The new year is one day away and you must be thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Check out these 2013 tech resolutions:

1. Turn on iMessage

By turning on these notifications you will not have a easier life, maybe the opposite, but this will help you become more responsible. You will have to reply to your friends’ invitations when they send them and this will make you a better texter.

2. Share your Netflix Password

If you have a Netflix account you, be a good person and share it with someone dear who wants to watch a few episodes (but make sure they are trustworthy).

The best part is that you will do a nice thing for someone close to you (and you can always change your password).

3. Buy a Netflix Account and Stop Asking for a Password

OK. Your friends “borrowed” you their Netflix account, but is time to move on. The price for an unlimited streaming account is $8 per month. Don’t be greedy!

4. Back Up Your Content

You can find many backup programs that will keep your precious files in Cloud. Dropbox, Google Drive are just some examples of services that offer free online storage. You just don’t want to wake up with all of your content lost.

5. Stop Using Your Smartphone That Much

Playing on your smartphone at the Christmas dinner isn’t polite. Start talking with your friends and family and stop using those gadgets that much. I know this might be hard, but give it a try. You’ll enjoy it!

What are your New Year’s tech resolutions? Is it one of these five? Let us know your thoughts.


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