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Digital Technology In Your Car (INFOGRAPHIC)

by on December 30, 2012

Basically, the car transports us from point A to point B, but not anymore. The cars have evolved so much in the last decade and we seem to want even more from them.

In the present cars can park themselves, communicate with you and alert you when something bad is about to happen. This infographic provides you with a timeline of innovations that cars suffered over the last period of time. These improvements make our cars safer, more user friendly with the hands free communication system, for example.

Now you can sync the smartphone or iPod to the majority of the present cars. Also the GPS navigation system is one of the most important innovations.

Did you know that the airbags became present on cars in 1960? Or that autonomous cruise control is available since 1996?

In the future we must expect the SYNC platform, a system that allows us to do things like access online travel booking service, and the inflatable rear safety belt that helps spread the crash force around the body, to reduce the risk injury

Digital technology is making our lifes easier and our cars fun to drive, and what’s more importantly, safer.


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