5 Best Podcasts of 2012

by on January 1, 2013

best podcasts

1. The Truth

This audio drama format, created by the radio veteran Jonathan Mitchell, dominates the best podcasts. It debuted in 2010 with “Moon Graffiti”, a tragedy that imagined the scenario when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 mission failed.

The podcast became popular when it was featured on “This American Life”. Then “That’s Democracy” drama was released in 2012.

If you are into drama podcasts, don’t forget that “The Truth” will start this year with a live episode from Podfest, hosted in New York City.

2. Good Job, Brain

If you haven’t heard about “Good Job, Brain!”, well it is a quiz show. So if you like trivia and odd worldwide news, this is your place. It is hosted by Dana Nelson, Colin Felton, Karen Chu.

3. Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters was created by Jeff Emtman, who decided to face his fears by launching a podcast about the unusual and the unknown. You can listen to episodes every week.

4. The Dana Gould Hour

Now for the comedy postcasts fans we present “The Dana Gould Hour”, a late-night talk show created by Gould, a writer and comedian. Episodes are launched every week and last over one hour.

Among the topics you can find conspiracy theories, manliness and many others. It is a well-produced, fun podcast.

5. Fatman On Batman


The creator of “Fatman on Batman” is Kevin Smith. The episodes are released every week and among the guests you can find Scott Snyder (the Batman writer), Adam West, Paul Dini.

If you are a Batman fan, this is one of the best podcasts for you.

Which one of these 5 Best Podcasts of 2012 is your favorite? Let us know your opinion.

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