Best Startups Presented at CES 2013

by on January 12, 2013

CES 2013

Most of the popular stories at the 2013 CES are about the tech world’s big names, but this year’s edition was also put the spotlight on 140 emerging companies showing products at the Startup America Stage.

Check out the best startups that we noticed at CES 2013:

Mauz turns your iPhone into a sophisticated wireless computer mouse


Mauz is an accessory that plugs into your iPhone and using an app, it turns into a controller for everything from laptops to set-top boxes.

Securifi: Touchscreen wireless router


Securifi’s Almond wireless router has a touchscreen, which gives on-screen instructions to walk new users through set up. It is the first router with a touchscreen on the market and is essential for computer users setting up their first wireless networks.



The Pebble Watch is an upcoming smartwatch developed by Pebble Technology that was funded by raising money via the Kickstarter. It is compatible with iOS and the Android system. You can select watch faces, get notifications, track workouts and many more.

PAR Works: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

At this year’s CES there were many exhibitors presenting their augmented reality idea and apps, but most used them for games or social media. PAR Works applies it to businesses, displaying info about discounts and promotions over real-world images of their storefronts.

Re-Timer glasses: can solve sleep problems

re-timer glasses

Re-Timer claims its weird-looking glasses will help you go to sleep earlier or later, fix jet lag, or cure your winter blues.

ZBoard: An electric skateboard


The ZBoard is the weight-sensing electric skateboard. To use it just simply lean forward on the front footpad to accelerate and lean back on the rear footpad to brake. You can have one for $649.

Which one of our best startups from CES is your favorite? Leave your opinion below.

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