Find Your Suitcase, Pet or Even Kids With I’m Here GPS Tracker

by on January 13, 2013

I'm here

The Italy-based company I’m SpA,  released this year, at CES, an updated version of its popular smartwatch, Android-running I’m Watch. The I’m Watch is mostly unchanged on the outside, but it promises a number of technical improvements due to the new I’m Droid 2 operating system, including a “smart tethering” feature designed to minimize battery use, new “i’music” and “i’mages” apps, and a new “i’market”. The smartwatch will also allow users to receive e-mails, SMS messages and phone calls,

The I’m Watch will be available in three different cases: aluminum, titanium or silver, along with a variety of straps. The price is ranging from $389 to $16,990.

The company’s new product is called I’m Here, a GPS tracker equipped with a SIM card. This can also let you make an emergency call at the push of a button.

I’m here GPS will be available since May, this year, for $169. After the initial purchase, you can locate the device 200 times for free. But after this, each additional search will cost $0.05. The device can be used worldwide for the same price.

The main idea, the company explains, is to place the I’m Here GPS tracker in or on something, like a suitcase while traveling, pet, car, kids backpacks or anything else you want to track, and then use your smartphone to track the I’m Here’s position through the cloud, which is then displayed on Google Maps.

What do you think about the I’m Here GPS tracker? Do you plan to use it? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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