iPhone Owners Are Happier and More Loyal Than Android Users (INFOGRAPHIC)

by on January 31, 2013

According to a Rebtel new survey almost all smartphone users are happy with their choice, but when it comes to Apple‘s iPhone, 80 percent of its users said that they are “very happy”. 1,632 phone owners were surveyed to get these results.

While 83 percent of the iPhone users also have an iPad or an iPad Mini, on the other side only 9 percent of the Android owners have an Android tablet.

The most popular communication methods in the present are: Phone or voice with 60 percent, Video chat 23 percent, which is growing very fast and social networds with 7 percent. 72 percent of smartphone owners have their gadget at all hours of the day and almost a half of the tablet owners use their tablet at night.

Additionally, users of Apple iOS smartphones have a much higher spend on voice and data usage than those with Android.

Rebtel CEO Andreas Bernstrom said in a statement that the survey shows how the new features in the communication area have created a happy consumer, but also a loyal one when it comes to smartphones and tablets, too.

Smartphone users are two times more likely to have the “email” as No.1 activity, while tablet users are six times more likely to have “watching videos and movies” as No.1 activity, a normal attitude considering the bigger screen.

iPhone users are very loyal too, they are 15 percent more likely than Android users to buy an Apple tablet.

smartphones infographic

Are you an iPhone or Android user? Which smartphone makes you happier? Or tablet? Let us know your thoughts.

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