4 Super Bowl Ads Banned for Being Too Competitive, Racist or Politically Incorrect

by on February 1, 2013


Do you have over $4 million for a 30-second commercial during this year’s Super Bowl? Well that doesn’t guarantee you that the ad will air because it must be submitted to the network for approval, which is CBS.

CBS, broadcasting the event this year, has already banned four commercials to date, but the ads became viral due to this decision (and not be paying $4 mil.).

You can see below the 4 Super Bowl Ads Banned and the reasons:


An online provider of adult entertainment was banned from airing its ad. The commercial features an elderly couple sitting on a bench.  The company has posted its ad on YouTube and is running a poll on a safe-for-work site. Until now 79% of voters have said, “Air it.”

Too Competitive

SodaStream ad is the first serious commercial to be rejected. This soda-making equipment company apparently crossed the line by including actors in uniforms of Pepsi and Coke (both of them being Super Bowl big advertisers). But “SodaStream is still in the game with an older spot we tweaked,” the ad’s creator, Alex Bogusky, tweeted.


Volkswagen has been denied due to accusations of racism for its 2013 “Get Happy” commercial. It features a white man speaking in a Jamaican accent to dramatize his happiness after buying a new Volkswagen Beetle car. Although the Jamaican government officially has endorsed the ad it will not air. If you want to see the ad, it is posted entirety (instead of as a teaser) on YouTube.

Politically Incorrect

Taco Bell withdrew its Super Bowl commercial because people claimed that it was offensive to vegetarians. The ad mentions that “Veggies on game day is like punting on fourth and one — it’s a cop-out” and the Center for Science in the Public Interest launched a protest campaign on Twitter.

The ad was posted on YouTube.

So in the end, maybe it is better to be banned by the Super Bowl broadcaster. Your ad becomes viral without paying $4 mil.

Do you think these Super Bowl Ads should be banned?

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