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Frrole App: The Twitter-based News Service Now Available on iPhone and Android

by on February 5, 2013


Frrole is the world’s first Twitter-based news service, with over half a million visitors per month, that allows users to build a customized news discovery experience.

The company is launching Frrole iPhone and Android apps to bring the news experience closer for the mobile audience. The apps are able to provide localized news for the 55 available cities and 6 countries, like the site is able to. You can personalize the news around preferred locations, categories (like Business, Sports, Entertainment, Tech or local Headlines) and even news sources.

If are a traveler, the iPhone application will automatically provide you with local news if you are in one of the 55 compatible cities.

The available six countries are: Unites States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India and Singapore. 50 percent of its traffic comes from U.S., while U.K. and Canada come on the second place, with 20 percent of the total traffic.

According to its co-founder, Amarpreet Kalkat, Frrole app is the” only one that will go beyond and tell you what the rest of the world is really talking about”. All the other sites and app will tell you what is popular on the mainstream and not what is popular among the regular people.

You can download the apps from iPhone and Android app stores.

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