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iPad 5 Release Date, Leaked Photos, Prices, Specs and Rumors

by on February 5, 2013

ipad-4-retina According to the current predictions, the iPad 5 will be thinner and lighter than the current Apple devices and also the next-generation tablet will borrow the G/F2-Dido thin-film touch screen technology used by Apple on the iPad mini.

iPad 5 Release date: Regarding the iPad 5 release date many rumors are spreading, but not credible source yet. We do know for sure that the tablet will be released this year. Looking at Apple’s history, the company launched the first iPad in April 2010, iPad 2 in March 2011, iPad 3, exactly one year later, in March 2012, and the current version, the iPad 4 in November last year.

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Leaked photos: This leaked photo is from a Chinese tech company. As you can see the iPad 5 has rounder corners and edges, and it looks smaller (but experts are confident the screen will remain at 9.7 inches) and shorter than iPad 4. It also shows a backing case for the iPad 5 in comparison with the current iPad mini.

iPad 5 release

Specifications: The next Apple tablet generation will continue keeping the 9.7 in Retina Display. Recent rumors are considering the fact that the iPad 5 will have just one LED Light Bar, which displays brightness and color accurately, because this one is more effective than those used on the previous generations of Apple devices. It is also believed the new screen will be produced by Sharp, according to the Jefferies analyst, Peter Misek. The TSMC (which stands for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is working on a 16nm process that can be used on future iPhone and iPad chips. This new technology will be able to reduce the power consumption and boost performance.

Price: Apple had a consistent pricing model and mobile experts believe the iPad 5 price will start at $599, and £699 for 3G model. Would you buy an iPad 5, although you own a previous model? Tell us your opinion.

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