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The Smallest Car in The World: Test Drive by Top Gear

by on February 8, 2013

smallest car in the world

You would wish to have the smallest car in the world after a test drive. I am sure. It is cute, you won’t have problems finding a parking space and did I mention it is SMALL? So tiny that you might want to think again driving it on a windy day.

The car measures approximately 26 inches wide and is called the P45 and it look more like a kart. It is a hybrid, with a two-stroke, 100 cc engine, and has the ability to be driven even on highways (I don’t know if anyone would really want to do that).

The not so great part if that you have to use a helmet as a roof top, a visor as an windshield and on top of this, it has no doors. But since the car is equipped with headlights, mirrors and a license plate, it can be legally driven.

The P45 was unveiled in the debut of the 19th season of the Top Gear car show, by the host Jeremy Clarkson, which is the person who built the smallest car in the world, along with students at Coventry University in United Kingdom.

As you can see in the video below you can even fill the P45’s 1.7-litre tiny tank without getting out of the car.

Watch the test-drive of the smallest car in the world, the P45, by Top Gear and tell us what do you think. Would you buy the P45?



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