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10 Top Job Skills to Look for While Hiring

by on February 12, 2013

Top Job Skills

Today’s job market is tough and it is becoming harder and harder to get a job. Even if you are an executive you have difficulties in choosing the right person.

Most of yesterday’s top job skills and abilities are now ordinary and they just don’t bring attention to your resume anymore. Nowadays employees and employers are starting to look toward the future and the needed skills evolved during the last couple of years.

If you want to hire the right person for the job, make sure your choice has these skills:

1. Team work and active listening – you need someone friendly, genuine that loves to be a part of a team;

2. Ability to Organize and Prioritize – are the first skills you need to look for because without a organized person the job cannot be done, no matter what the position is;

3. Computers and Electronics – we must agree that if you don’t have, at least, a basic knowledge about using a computer, you have a problem on the job market;

4. Technical savvy – besides knowing how to use a computer, your employees must be aware of the latest technologies available on the market in order to efficiently complete the task;

5. Self-Awareness – the right person for the job must be able to know its positive and negative qualities;

6. Pro-activity – is a skill you don’t want to forget while searching for employees. You just don’t want someone that needs to be pushed from the back to complete its task;

7. Judgment and Decision-Making – employees with strategic thinking skills don’t need instructions from management for every task they have to complete and you can concentrate on macro-management;

8. Multi-Tasking – you might need to run several projects simultaneously, therefore multi-tasking employees are needed for a successful business;
9. Effective Problem Solving – as an executive, you don’t just need the project to be done, but to be complete in an effective way;

10. Fast Learning – with all the things around us evolving and changing non-stop, fast learning is a must-have skill.


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