Polytron Transparent Smartphone Might Be the Next Big Thing

by on February 17, 2013

polytron transparent smartphone

It’s time for a new generation of phones and the Polytron Transparent Smartphone might be what we have expected. The most important facts regarding this transparent smartphone are that it is very light and slim due to the lack of metal and other heavy materials. Polytron Technologies is a Taiwanese electronic and optical vision glass company.

Polytron’s Polyvision Privacy Glass unveiled the transparent smartphone, which uses an opaque glass that when electricity is applied transforms itself in a see-through device because of the liquid crystal molecules, although the SIM card, the memory card, the power button and the battery can be seen. The electric wires are almost transparent.

The smartphone doesn’t run an operating system, but it features a small touchscreen with basic functions. The market phone will have more capabilities and will be running an OS.

We might see this technology on popular smartphones as Sam Yu, the General Manager of Polytron mentioned that many phone manufacturers are looking at using the Polyvision Privacy Glass.

Other recent flexible display technology was presented at the 2013 CES convention, where Samsung released the Youm smartphone prototype that can be bend easily, without breaking, due to its curved screen.

Polytron is in a prototype period for the moment, buy until the end of this year, the company plans to begin the production of a limited number of devices.

You can watch the video of presentation of Polytron below.

Do you think the Polytron Transparent Smartphone represents the future generation of communication? Would you buy one? Tell us your opinion.

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