Special NYPD Team Will Find Your Lost iPhone

by on February 23, 2013

nypd lost iphone

New York City Police Department can now help you to find a lost or stolen iPhone or iPad. The program is called Operation ID and will start on September 21st. It is also known as the Anti-Apple Picking Campaign.

Approximately 3,800 more Apple products were stolen in NYC in last year than in 2011.

The police department is looking for ways to track Apple devices and return them to their owners, told Paul Browne, the NYPD spokeman.

The main resource used is represented by the Find My Phone app. The iPhone 5 owners need to install the application, activate the location services and register the smartphone with the NYPD. To register for free, you have to give your name, contact information and iPhone serial number.

When the complaint is reported the police will access the Apple’s cloud and they will use the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity(IMSEI).

The officers are also suggesting to engrave  your unique ID on the smartphone. I don’t think this idea will be followed by many people. Why would you want to write something on your new iPhone?

Unfortunately for Android devices users this program is not compatible because there is no such GPS complex application.

We do not have an official confirmation, but if this program will be a success, it could be extended in other big cities, too.

Do you think the Operation ID will be a success? If you live in NYC tell us if you plan to register your device with the NYPD.

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