Oscar Predictions 2013 by Social Media (INFOGRAPHIC)

by on February 24, 2013


The Oscars represents one of the most important events on the globe and social media is the main tool to predict the winners.

According to the Meltwater Group, a company that watched the social media this month (from January 20th through February 20th) and gathered data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and websites regarding the Oscar 2013 nominees, the winners could be easily predicted.

Another useful tool could be represented by Google Trends. The search engine reports that “Silver Linings Playbook oscar” is searched more than all the other Best Picture nominees. Another popular phrase is “Lincoln oscar”.

Recently a site called The Credits suggested the popular thriller Argo as the BAFTA and Writer’s Guild Awards winner and the movie did win the awards. This prediction was also based on news articles, tweets, blog articles and reviews.

According to the infographic the winner of the Best Picture category is Argo with 28.3K predictions (and a total domestic gross of $127,280,000).

The Best Actor that will receive an Oscar this year is Daniel Day-Lewis with 33.5K. In the Best Actress category the social media data prediction is that Jennifer Lawrence will win the award with 35.9K.

The Best Director award goes to Steven Spielberg with 16.9K predictions. Christoph Waltz wins the Best Supporting Actor category with 17.1K and Anne Hathaway receives the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress with 27.7K predictions.

Do you support these social media Oscar predictions 2013? Let us know what your opinion about this year’s awards.

Oscars winners 2013

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