Get $25 Per Month For Watching Ads With This Android App

by on March 7, 2013

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This recent Indiegogo campaign is presenting a new Android app that will let users earn money by watching ads on their smartphones and tablets. There is a limit of maximum $25 per month (per device) that you can earn. It will be released soon and will be free.

The Android app, called SmartAds and created by Elijah Cusack, will show you the ads based on your location and interests. The ads will show up on the lock screen. If you do not want to watch an ad until the end you can turn it off, but if you do like one the app will give you more details and you can buy that specific product or share it with your friends via social networks.

It claims that your smartphone’s battery life will not be affected that much by running the app’s ads and will not use extra data.

SmartAds may be a great idea and may have a future in advertising since the mobile world is involved in displaying more than ever.

How many ads we will need to watch for the $25 monthly earnings, remains to be seen, but my guess is a lot. And I do not think many people will even reach $10 every month.

We have to wait 15 more days until we can test the Android app and make some extra money. The Indiegogo project raised over $570, a little far from its $50,000 goal.

Would you install this Android app to earn up to $25 per month? Tell us your opinion.

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