NASA Harlem Shake Video: Geeky Fun (WATCH)

by on March 9, 2013

NASA Harlem Shake video

If you don’t appear in a Harlem Shake video, apparently you don’t exist on the web. The latest “get loose” video comes from NASA. Yes, a NASA Harlem Shake video has been made in the mission control room, more specificaly at the Wallops Flight Facility, on the Wallops Island, Virginia. This is the center of the agency’s balloon science programs and sounding rocket.

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As the “Harlem Shake” song by Baauer starts, a woman wearing a spacesuit comes into the Misson Control room and starts dancing. The 35-second Harlem Shake video features NASA engineers, rockets, a man wearing an anti-contamination suit, people with wigs and many more interesting characters dancing on the popular song.

You can find many funny Harlem Shake videos on YouTube from “The Daily Show”, “The Simpsons”, “The Today Show”, college students, basketball teams (you must see the Miami Heat basketball team doing the Harlem Shake video), firefighter and even animals.

NASA did another video parodys in the past, too: Do you remember the Gangnam Style trend? Some students from Johnson Space Center agency, in Houston, Texas made a parody out of PSY’s song and the original video gathered over one billion views on YouTube.

Also, employees from Jet Propulsion Laboratory agency, in Pasadena, California, created a parody video called “We’re NASA and We Know It.” It was about LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” song and the event was represented by the Mars Rover Curiosiry landing on Mars.

You can watch the NASA Harlem Shake Video below. Have fun!

Did you make a Harlem Shake video? If not, what are you waiting?!

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