iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Will Feature Eye Tracking and Fingerprint System

by on March 14, 2013

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We are all waiting to see what new cool features will be available on iPhone 5S. But until the official release we can just follows the rumors and speculate. After the surprising news that Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature an eye scroll tracking technology, an Apple rumor announces the same possibility on iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

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Apple already has multiple patents for this eye tracking technology, which makes the rumor believable. Although is a low chance to see the feature on iPhone 5S, there is a high possibility for the iPhone 6 to have it (and maybe the future generations of iPad).

On the market, a startup, called uMoove offers the technology for head and eye tracking for mobile devices.

Another cool feature that we might be able to see on the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 is the fingerprint sensor. According to the rumors it will be placed right under the home button and will be used for extra security.

Recently we reported that iPhone 5S will be unveiled in August, this year. The date is not sure, but the smartphone will, most certainly, be launch this summer.

Along with the iPhone 5S, a cheaper model will be released (name unknown), which will have the same design and basic capabilities, but will be made out of plastic, will have a cheap camera and it won’t be the iPhone we all are used to.

I really hope that in the near future, an iPhone 16 will know how to cook and clean the house. Don’t you?



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