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ARM Technology, It’s in Your Life

by on March 25, 2013

arm technology

It’s here. Technologies omniscient eye. And what can we do but buy? At least what we can accept.

According to a 2011 Deutsche Bank Report, Home, including Blue Ray, DVD, Digital, Enterprise, Digital Smartphone, Digital TV, Mobile, Computing, Home Networking, Mobile Payments, Flash Cards, Computing, ARM powered Products and ARM products are there.

Yes, all ways they can look at you.

And is taking a pen out to work? Is that an act of espionage?

According to carriers of it, the Omnipresence of the internet is driving convergence.

ARM, or the architecture for the digital world, traded on the London Exchange at 879 pounds on the 22nd of March, is the route.

ARM provides Embedded, SOC Design, Multimedia, Software Enablement, Social Media, Smart Connected Devices, Blogs, Forums, Cortex, Physical IP, Logic IP, Embedded Memory IP, Debug Adapters, Interface IP, POP, Development Tools, Models, Software, Interconnect, Development Boards, Secure Services, Secure OS Partners, System IP, Corelink and AMBA, Memory Controllers and more is processed through ARM’s network. That’s how big this is.

It also designs software development tools. Yes, it’s watching.

What is this omnipresence accomplishing?

Gemalt bills itself as the digital Security. It delivers mobile services, identity protection, and payment security.

And with devices like Google Glass that can see, practically inside your soul, are we victims through advertising through this? Or government manipulation? Since Google won’t return my emails I can’t comment. But, I and you, valued reader, can speculate. What would you like to hear?


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