Nokia CEO Throws an Apple iPhone During Interview (WATCH)

by on March 25, 2013

Nokia CEO throws iPhone

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, appeared on Thursday, at the MTV3 TV station, in Finland, for an interview with the host, Hjallis Harkimo. The subject of the discussion was supposed to be Nokia’s future, Lumia 928 and a the launch of a new version of Lumia 920, but things turns wrong when Nokia CEO throws an Apple iPhone off the studio.

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When the host took out an iPhone, Stephen Elop said “Oh, how embarrassing!”. Moment when Mr. Harkimo replied “I don’t want to have an iPhone. I want to have a Nokia phone,” “I don’t want to have an iPhone.”

What did Nokia’s CEO to counteract “this argument”, which implies iPhone is far better than any Nokia product? He simply snatched the iPhone and threw it. Clever, right? You can even hear the Apple’s smartphone hitting the floor.

And that wasn’t enough! Mr. Elop came with a “solid” argument on why Nokia is better than Apple: “There, it’s gone,” he said laughing.

One day after the unfortunate interview, local blog Tietoviikko specified that Mr. Harkimo’s iPhone was OK, suffering no damage. Another plus for iPhone! Apple beat Nokia this time, too.

After the incident Mr. Harkimo calmly reacted: “I want to have a Nokia phone because I believe in you and I believe in Nokia. But I want to have that Lumia 928. So when do I get it?” he added.

The host did not confirm yet if he received the promised Nokia smartphone to replace the iPhone.

You can watch the moment when he throws an Apple iPhone, below.

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Maybe this interview was a marketing stunt to attract the media attention over Nokia (negative advertisement is still advertisement) or a real reaction to Apple’s success, we don’t know, but what we do know for sure is that if Nokia CEO throws an Apple iPhone on the floor, it most probably, won’t make people start buying Nokia smartphones, Mr. Stephen Elop!

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