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Puxatony Phil Lied! Snowstorm Hits Midwest and Heads East

by on March 26, 2013

Groundhog Puxatony Phil

People in the Midwest and East should be feeling a little betrayed by Puxatony Phil right now, who didn’t see his shadow on Groundhogs Day which means that we were supposed to be in for an early spring. With the official start of spring more than 5 days behind us, many Midwesterners are perplexed by the influx of snow and people on the East coast are preparing for the approaching cold.

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Springfield, Illinois broke records as it got slammed with a whopping 17 inches of snow. Northern Kansas and Colorado experienced similar intense snow fall with levels ranging from 10-15 inches of snow throughout the area. Some parts of Indiana were even forced to declare snow emergencies after getting covered in up to 8 inches of snow.

While not everywhere has been pelted by the frost, the unfavorable weather conditions have created hazardous driving environments and many states are seeing an increase in car accidents especially in Missouri, Indiana, and Kansas where slick roads have caused many school delays and closures.

The chill has already creeped up on the East Coast with snow and light rain sprinkling in New Jersey and snow is being reported at the Washington Dulles International Airport. So far the anti-spring weather has caused around 500 flight cancellations and countless disgruntled travelers.

The Midwest seems to have experienced the worst of the storm but in some areas the snow is starting to melt. The system was expected to weaken Monday night and exit somewhere off the coast of New Jersey. Not without dropping an estimated 2 to 4 inches of snow in New York, Delaware, and Maryland of course.

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If you live in one of these areas and you have to go out remember to drive safe, but if you can stay home… cuddle up with your favorite blanket and make yourself a nice cup of pumpkin spiced hot chocolate. It is spring after all.

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