Devotec Fuel: Smallest Phone Charger To Be Available Soon

by on March 27, 2013

Fuel smallest phone charger

How many times your smartphone‘s battery became empty and you weren’t near an outlet? Fuel from Devotec comes with a brilliant idea: the smallest phone charger in the world, measure less than an inch wide, which can be attached to your key chain.

The gadget, because of its 220mAh battery, has the ability to provide twenty to thirty minutes of extra talk time or up to a couple of hours more on standby, depending on what type of smartphone you own and how you use it.

First of all you need to charge the Fuel with the “supplied cable or any AC microUSB wall plug”. After the charging is completed make sure to place it in your pocket, car or on the keyring. Then, when your smartphone’s battery is low, turn Fuel’s power switch on an plug it into your smartphone, like you would’ve done with your classic cable charger.

The device features three LEDs: the red one means that it is charging, the green LED shows that Fuel is fully charged and the blue one tells that the gadget is turned on.

Now, the smallest phone charger, Fuel, is compatible with any smartphone that uses that microUSB charger, which means it doesn’t work with Apple‘s iPhone. The company is planning to make an iPhone-compatible model in the future.

Devotec Industries’ Fuel is currently a project on Kickstarter and it reached over $30,000 from over 1,600 backers, with 23 days to go. Huge expectation for this project, as it exceeded its $20,000 goal in just a few days.

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You can watch the video presentation of Fuel below:


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