Google Glass To Be Built in United States By Foxconn

by on March 28, 2013

google glass

The Google Glass project was recently introduced by the giant company and the lucky winners of the #ifihadglass contest will have the chance to review the gadget, earlier than the rest of us, for the incredible price of $1,500 ( the Google Glass Explorer Edition).

Now Google is surprising us again: according to Financial Times, Google Glass will be manufactured by the Foxconn company, in United States, more specific in Santa Clara, California. Foxconn builds many devices for big companies like Apple and it ended up in the spotlight after allegedly mistreated workers committed suicide in China.

The report also mentions that the new factory is expected to create several thousand Google Glass devices per year.

We do not know the reason behind with move, but we can speculate that Google wants to keep an eye on the manufacturing of its product, since this gadget would be the first of its kind in the technology market and maybe keeping a patriotic reputation wouldn’t hurt the sales.

This move isn’t singular, as Nexus Q was built in America and also Apple started to manufacture the iMac computers in United States after a $100 million investment, too.

According to other sources, Foxconn is also thinking to bring US engineers to China to train them.

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Do you think Google Glass will be bought by more Americans if the device will be built in United States?

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