Want to Invest? Put Your Money on Verizon

by on March 28, 2013


Looking to invest in telecommunications? Check out Verizon, dividend yield of 4.65%, massive revenue generating capacity and strong cash flows make the stock a hit among income investors, having jumped 22% over the past year. Source, Seeking Alpha.

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As of today, March 28, the stock is at $49.12.

The stock has been on a steady up tick since the beginning of the year, gaining about $5, according to NASDAQ. As of Sept, 10th of 2012 the total number of Verizon customers, wireless, broadband, and TV are 144.8 million.

It ranks 16th on Fortune 500’s list, and claims 113 million square retail feet around the country.

It’s annual revenue was $63.4 billion, has 107.7 wireless customers, 90.7 million wireless retail customers, 17 million wireless wholesale and other customers.

They connect 1 billion calls per day, 780 billion texts annually as well.

According to Wireless Intelligence, “US market-leader Verizon Wireless is comfortably the world’s single largest LTE operator, surpassing 10 million LTE connections in Q2 and accounting for almost four in every five US LTE connections. Verizons’s LTE network is currently live in 371 regional markets, covering an estimated 75 percent of the population. It is planning to extend coverage to 400 markets by year-end.”

The same report also states, “AT&T’s LTE network is now live in 72 regional markets and accounted for 2 percent of the US number-two’s total connections in Q2. Unlike Verizon, AT&T has positioned LTE as an evolution of its current high-speed 3G networks, going as far as to classify HSPA+ as ‘4G’ in its marketing (allowing it to claim 3000 more 4G-connected towns and cities than Verizon). AT&T plans to double LTE coverage by year-end 2012 (compared to a year earlier_ and will “largely complete” deployment by the end of the year.

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AT&T’s Stock is at 36.57 at the finish of this article.

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