Charlie Ryan, You’re My Superhero! Indiegogo Campaign

by on March 30, 2013


Got an idea? Need money. Now there’s more than one place to go with that. Create an Indiegogo campaign! Great place to go if you have a socially conscious idea, or some quest that must be done. It’s a site that allows you to donate to a business, or social cause that you find profitable, good, or just.

With their gogofactor, a special algorithm that responds to the amount of tweets, face book posts and other ways you promote yourself, you can end up with a big pot of money for your dream.

They’re top trending countries are in Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver. But they’re in every country of the world. So if you’re a citizen of the world and want to contribute, or have an idea that needs money now, you know where to go.

It has three category features, Creative, Cause, and Entrepreneurial. Featured projects today? Triple Brutal, Austrian Death Machine Makes a New Tour. It’s raised $51,861 so far.

Another great one that everyone should check out, shameless promo, is “Charlie Ryan, Our Superhero.”

From the site, “Charlie and his family are from Norwich, UK, but have been living in Perth Australia for the last 5 years… it was supposed to be for a better way of life however their story is very different…

Sadly on only his second check up, 7 months after finishing treatment doctors discovered Charlie’s cancer has returned. As yet there is no cure. Charlie has a very unknown future. His parents, my friends, Sam and Tony have a very limited time to decided what to do. If they do not opt for any treatment they have approximately 3-6 months left with him. If they try some of the trials on offer they might be able to buy him some time 6-12 months. But this could also make him very sick for the time we have left with him. Its just the worst situation a parent could ever be in.

We all desperately want to get Charlie back to the UK for a visit with family and friends before he gets too sick. We also want to look at trials oversees. Unfortunately nothing has been proven to cure relapsed neuroblastoma YET..”

Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of Indiegogo said this about the Ryan Indiegogo campaign, “Giving Charlie the opportunity to travel back to the UK is one of the many incredible examples of how Indiegogo is empowering people across the world everyday. We’re honored to be a part of his homecoming and wish him all the best.”

“Indiegogo is distributing millions of dollars to thousands of campaigns every week and giving people worldwide a chance to fund their dreams, whether they’re bringing Charlie home, distributing a new documentary or manufacturing the latest gadget. We empower people to fund what matters to them.”

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To read more about dear Charlie, his Indiegogo campaign and how much he’s gained from donors who want to see him live, and how to donate to his much needed treatment, go to Indiegogo. So far it’s up to 6,632 pounds, with 204 followers and as of deadline has 52 hours left to donate. Go check him out, donate, and look at the website’s ideas.


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