Easter for a Citizen of the World

by on April 1, 2013

easter eggs

Today I had a re-imagination of my faith. I went to Saint Dominic’s on Bush and Steiner in San Francisco, with the traditional nave and flying buttresses, stained glass in crimson and blue, and was welcomed. Me, my mother and my father witnessed the beautiful revival of a holy, and vital part of our world.

And when I received communion, I felt the community that is the Catholic Church. Yes, we have our flaws, who doesn’t. But the affirmation of Christ’s humble and welcoming love given to us by the wisdom, and kind humility of Pope Francis was on display. And it was beautiful.

I knelt and prayed with my mother and a stranger, opening my heart to something that cannot be measured or controlled by technology. Something that is eternal, and hopeful, and forgiving, and loving and infinitely gentle.

I love the Catholic Church. And I will not slander them. And I hope that with this momentous event of a pontiff with a purpose works out. And that we, as citizens of the world, can come together around an idea that provides unity, and clarity, and moral authority. Because our technology is completely ahead of our maturity as a humanity.

To keep a memento of this, my first Easter as a Catholic, I took a prayer card of San Judas Tadeo. He is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. Haven’t we all been there in life. And to know that someone had such a grand and universal idea of love for all mankind, and was then crucified for his cause, I am willing to accept the official version that he was transfigured into heaven, simply for the reason that it provides hope. Hope in something greater than humanity.

Because as humans, we all fail, we all hope, we all struggle, we all cry, and we all carry on. So thank you Holy Roman Church for a wonderful Easter. And the hope. Your holiness, I’m rooting for you. Samuel.


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