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“Hemlock Grove” Vital to “Only on Netflix” Business Plan

by on April 18, 2013


Netflix will be releasing its second series, “Hemlock Grove,” on Friday, April 19.  Netflix has taken another step to changing the way we watch TV. The company has gone passed just giving users the accessibility of TV shows, movies and documentaries on their computer commercial-free.

Netflix understands that they have created a new habit of binge viewing in our society, and now they have embraced it. “House of Cards”, Netflix’s first series, saw huge success and praise from critics when it was released on February 1, 2013. With all episodes of the season released together, it was every binge-watcher’s dream.

From actor Kevin Spacey to the plot and story flow, critics loved the political drama series, but now a potential sophomore slump looms based on critic reviews before the public release.

“Hemlock Grove”, a horror/thriller/supernatural series, has the potential to make Netflix look like geniuses with their idea to release their own series whole seasons at a time. Unfortunately, some critic reviews are not to high on the new series. Tim Goodman, Hollywood Reporter, claims that “Hemlock Grove” lacks a “compelling plot”.

Goodman also said that director Eli Roth (Hostel and Inglorious Bastards) directed the show as a Netflix series, meaning he knew that their would be no wait time between episodes resulting in a slow plot development.

Whether the series is successful or disappointing, there is no doubt “Hemlock Grove” will have a high number of viewership, but from a business standpoint it can make or break Netflix’s new business strategy. The goal for Netflix is to continue membership and gain new ones because of series only available on Netflix.

A second season of “House of Cards” is already in production, and a 4th season of the previously cancelled show “Arrested Development” is scheduled to be released in late May. Both are highly anticipated, but a flop by “Hemlock Grove” will put a lot of pressure on the two to be successful.

Watch the Trailer for “Hemlock Grove”


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