Sergeant Pepper and the Diamond Rack

by on April 23, 2013

Simpsons The Yellow album

Ergot Fungus and today, 4/21, in music, have what to do with each other? LSD you unwashed, stinky hippie!

And don’t pretend you didn’t know it! On this day in 1967, the Beatles finished recording one of their biggest albums: Sergeant Pepper – Lonely Hearts Club Band, complete with backwards tracks, wah-wah pedals, fuzz box, and a leslie speaker.

Groundbreaking at it’s time, the album has been compared to an Acid Trip. One song in particular, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, claims this moniker. The album was released June 1st, 1967. And the world hasn’t been the same since. But don’t try flyin’ while listening. That’s the trip that banned Acid in the first place.

The backwards recordings have mystified listeners for generations. Once the music was out, Paul McCartney recalls being approached by teengars who took the secret message recorded backwards, ‘It really couldn’t be any other’.

And after taking the kids to his home to listen to the actual words, McCartney ended up agreeing with them!

So bury yourself in this album. And then go to Yellow Submarine. Then thank Swiss Scientist Albert Hofman for his mystical bike ride, and what he called his problem child; Acid.

And when the furniture starts speaking to you, all you want is milk from your neighbor, now a witch, and the Chess pieces around the world rearrange themselves in your mind, and reality takes a backseat to a 12 hour trip, remember McCartney’s famous word’s about the music, “we had certainly had not intended to do that but probably when you turn anything backwards it sounds like something…if you look hard enough you can make something out of anything.”

So drink your OJ, forget about captain bringdown, and look for the diamonds.

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