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PETA Buys SeaWorld Shares In Hopes of Saving Orcas

by on April 25, 2013


PETA (or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has bought 80 shares of SeaWorld for about $2,273 after the amusement park company went public on April 19th.  This is the minimum amount of shares needed in order to attend yearly meetings and call for policy changes. The first change that PETA is calling for is the release of all animals owned by SeaWorld…starting with the orcas.

PETA claims that these animals face serious psychological and health issues after being ripped away from their families, placed in small glass tanks, and forced to do tricks until they are too old and weak to perform. SeaWorld has owned some orcas for several decades, like Corky the orca who has been ‘enslaved’ by SeaWorld for over 44 years.

SeaWorld claims that is a severe fabrication and is not reflective of the actual living conditions that the animals have. Zoologists and veterinarians see animals on a regular basis and each of their living environments are specialized to meet their unique needs. SeaWorld runs 3 theme parks located across the country and in every single park they adhere to laws such as the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Animal Welfare Act.

SeaWorld representatives want to treat PETA like regular shareholders and respect their views but spokesmen has stated that their views are way outside the mainstream and don’t represent the way that the majority of investors feel.

PETA is determined to keep up the fight for animal rights and is considering buying more stocks from SeaWorld in order to gain even more influence in the company.

Whether their stock buying method will win in the end it is unclear, if this does end up working that knows what PETA will move on to? Maybe they will try and get all of the animals released in Disney’s Animal Kingdom released of have animals set free from zoos?


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