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by on May 3, 2013


One cord (umbilical cord) blood bank doing well in a group of falling stocks is Perkin Elmer Inc, a family cord blood and tissue preservation business. At time of deadline they were at $30.55.

The stem cell industry is projected to reach $15 billion by 2015, but some cord blood banks are seeing poor performance on Wall Street. Cord Blood America sat at $.0042, Cyro-Cell International at $2.25. Now Perkin Elmer is announcing a partnership with the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research to,”collect, maintain and publish research from ViaCord’s cord blood stem cell transplant.”

In a press release, Waltham Mass. company Perkin Elmers said this about the new partnership, “Collaborating with CIBMTR, which has established the industry standard for collecting data around hematopoietic cellular therapy and regenerative medicine, allows us to simultaneously gain insights into the effectiveness of the cord blood stem cell units we have released for use as well as outcomes from their clinical application,” said Morey Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer, ViaCord.

He continued, “We are then able to incorporate data from our transplanted units into the larger database, which may be accessed for other CIBMTR studies by the medical and scientific community to further their research and understanding of cord blood stem cells.”

According to EuroStem Cell, cord blood has been used to treat many blood diseases since 1989, and is a useful source of stem cells. Leukemia can be treated with therapies from umbilical cord blood. Others include: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Lymphomas, Aplastic Anemia, and Sickle Cell Anemia. To name some of a host of potentially fatal conditions.

In China, the blood cord preservation business is also a scientific necessity. China Cord Blood Corporation, or (CO) stock sat at $2.91 today on the NYSE. CO was accredited by AABB April 2, 2013. The AABB stands for advancing cellular therapies worldwide, and is comprised of almost 2000 institutions and 8,000 individuals. Membership comes from over 80 countries and is comprised of physicians, nurses, scientists, researchers, administrators, medical technologists and health care providers.

In response Ms. Ting Zheng, CEO of CO said, “We are very pleased to receive the AABB Accreditation…It demonstrates our consistent commitment of advanced learning, continuous improvement, and innovation to sustain top level of quality and safety.  Today, our effort has been recognized and validated.” PRNewsire.

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For more information on AABB, please visit: www.aabb.org.

For a reliable source of information on therapies from cord blood, look here: http://parentsguidecordblood.org/diseases.php

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