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Google Now App Will Blow Your Mind

by on May 3, 2013

google now app

Google Now is finally available on iOS devices and it’s making Siri nervous… and she should be.

Google Now is an update to the Google Search app and it does virtually everything that Siri does. From telling you what the weather is like in addition to telling you how it actually feels outside so you know exactly what to prepare for that day.  Before you leave your house or apartment, it will also give you traffic updates so you can figure out if you have the time to stop at Starbucks for a coffee and a muffin or if you’re going to have to power drive to the office.

Google Now can also sync your calendars and tasks together to remind you if you have any important meetings that you have to attend or a special anniversary coming up.

The app does this through out your day through little pop-up note cards on the bottom of your screen that you can pull up and get rid of, as you need them. Google Now also gets smarter as you use it and will provide you with only relevant note cards based on what you’re searching for and using most frequently.

Google Now also incorporates Google’s voice search technology, which is arguably much better than Siri because it tends to understand you the first time you say something.

As amazing as Google Now is, Android users are shaking their heads at people’s amazement because Google Now has been available on their devices for about a year. Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmitt believes that it was Apple’s slow approval process that caused such a big delay… but there is no stopping it now.

Siri is going to have to start stepping up her game and start trying to woo iOS users because there is a new lady in town… her name is Google Now and she can practically see the future.


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