4 Things Every Band Needs in the Digital Era

by on May 6, 2013

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Making music has never been easier with bands and singers (ahem, Justin Bieber) getting famous just from YouTube. However, just because technology is rampant doesn’t mean that musicians are using it all to their advantage. There are a few things every band needs in order to up their exposure in all the right ways.

For musicians, promotion is just as important as practice. Here are the top 4 things every band needs in the digital era.

1. A Website

It sounds obvious, but bands don’t need just any old website. They need something created with responsive design, perhaps with a blog built in and quality videos or music samples readily available. If a band isn’t online, do they really exist? Spreading the music takes a solid online presence.

2. Rampant Music Samples

From CD Baby to The Grooves, finding a platform online so that fans can discover new favorite bands is a must. Don’t discount the use of YouTube or social media sites, either. MySpace is gearing up for a serious makeover focused solely on music. The more sites that features a band, the higher their chance of getting discovered and growing their fan base.

3. An Active Social Media Presence

It’s not enough to make great music–nowadays, musicians are required to be complete personalities and engage with their audience non-stop. That’s one reason One Direction is such a big hit; they’re always on Twitter and seem to take a genuine interest in their fans. The younger generations have this down pat, and musicians need to be regularly on social media sites to really build a following.

4. All the Right Connections

Spend some time browsing the A&E section of local newspapers, and it’s easy to see that there’s a concert or gig happening all the time. It’s easier than ever to reach out to bars, lounges, clubs, coffee shops and anywhere else that allows bands to play. Spend time each day to check it out. Communicate with them, whether by email or phone, and start piling up those gigs. Practice makes perfect, and there’s a big difference between a jam session in the garage and a real live gig.

While it might seem that the digital era should make things easier, it also puts more demands on musicians. It’s no longer enough to just provide great music–now bands are expected to behave like celebrities. It’s more work, but for die hard musicians it’s definitely worth it.

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