What Was Mom Worth This Mother’s Day? $20.7 Billion

by on May 17, 2013

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How much is Mom worth to you? In dollars, a way of measuring I suppose, spending on Mother’s Day this year is to reach $20.7 Billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

While I won’t be spending quite this much on brunch with Moms, a meal is expected to account for $3.5 Billion of total spending. On average, consumers are expected to spend about $168.94 in 2013 on Moms. Up 11 percent from 2012. Also the NRF

Moms was so cool this year that NRF is predicting she’ll be getting tablet’s from you, and jewelry, clothing, or clothing accessories. Maybe some of us don’t know what to give the woman who brought us into the world.

Some of us rely on Moms. For affection, love, nurturing and rules. Moms is good at that.

Here’s what I suggest. I’ve given Moms and Auntie gifts on Mother’s day, this Sunday the 12th, so mark your calendar. But physical things may not mean that much to her. So give her something she’ll never be forced to pawn. Like a ring, or a necklace, in case Moms would ever be put in that position. Plan an event, like a brunch. Invite your Auntie. If she’s religious, like mine, most Latin Mom’s are, go to church with her first. Give her some flowers.

Spending time with her to let her know she’s still important to you, still a vital part of your life, will mean so much more to her than a piece of metal and rock. Because all she wants is your love. And she gives it to you so freely. Because that’s why Moms were put here on this planet. So show your appreciation. Even if you’re still mad at her for something. Happy Mother’s Day Maria Auxiliadora, Carmen Mercedes, Mima, Miga, and Abuelita Felicita. You’re the best.

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