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Aio, AT&T’s New Solution To Pre-Paid

by on June 7, 2013


AT&T is jumping into the no-contract game with their Aio prepaid plan. Cost should range from $40-$70 month, common levels for prepaid mobile plans. Their flagship product offering is the Nokia Lumia 620.

This isn’t new. Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Ultra Mobile have done the same. Every Aio plan, available exclusively in Houston, Orlando and Tampa for now, boasts unlimited data, talk, and text. Price adjustments vary according to the speed of data delivery. In a white paper called Enriching the Mobile Customer Experience, released in 2013 and prepared by 1to1 Media, and Peppers and Rogers Group, there are 1.1 billion mobile 3G users globally.

The Aio plan will only cover 4G speed topping out at Mbps. And no LTE.

The same report states that mobile phone access to the web is supposed to pass PC’s as a route by 2013.

“As consumers increasingly access content on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers and gaming consoles, it’s become increasingly important for marketers to develop mobile-first strategies.”

Product offerings through AT&T’s new Aio offering will not include discounts, consumers will be offered low budget price points, “A very capable Nokia Lumia 620, for example, will run you $179 if you buy it through Aio Wireless. For any smartphone running on a high-end Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, that’s an eye-catching price point. Aio also offers phones from Samsung, ZTE, and other manufacturers.”

But, it will cover trade-in deals.

From an AT&T rep who responded to Gizmorati, “The answer is yes.  More info here below – and at the link pasted here.  Our program:

*       Allows customer to trade up their current device for credit against purchase of an Aio device or accessories

*       Credit can only be used at time of purchase

*       Trade up quotes are good for 30 days

Customers can learn from the AT&T website.



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