How Puzzle & Dragons App Makes Millions (INFOGRAPHIC)

by on July 16, 2013

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This new infographic mentions that the Puzzle & Dragons app is generating over three million dollars every day.

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Puzzle & Dragons is the top grossing free-to-download mobile game in Japan for iOS and Android. It is estimated to generate between $54 million to $75.5 million a month. This infographic illustrates how the game app structure allows them to make millions of dollars every day.

The app has over 13 million registered users in Japan, which means 10% of their population. P&D combines a puzzle game, a dungeon crawling role-player-game and a monster collecting adventure. It is basically a creative hybrid of Bejewled app and Pokemon app.

The player must walk down a corridor, confront monsters along the way and deploy attacks. As difficulty increases with each level, the player will need unique monsters, the ability to create a larger team of monsters or evolve their monsters into more powerful ones.

To keep the players intrigued, new levels are added consistently. The app also adds a social element to the game by rewarding players who use friends as helpers in the game with Pal Points. These Pal Points can then be used for an advantage later, like getting new or rare monsters. When you lose, a screen pops up asking if you would like to use a Magic Stone to continue (for which you must pay). The player can risk losing all of their progress in the game to that point if they do not comply.

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