Disney Animated App for iPad: Interactive Images and Animated Clips

by on August 13, 2013

disney animated app

Disney Animated, a new iPad app, is now available. It gives fans access to movies and materials dating back to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and continuing through the upcoming film, called Frozen.

Disney Animated was created as a part of collaboration between Disney Interactive, Walt Disney Animated Studios and Touch Press. The app gives a behind-the-scenes look at 53 Disney animated films.

Fans of Disney grew up watching their favorite movie, whether it was Cinderella, The Lion King, Bambi or another film from the impressive list. Singing along to every song was natural for a child (and adult) watching a Disney animated film. Disney brought magic into the lives of children with their beautiful animation. iPad users are now offered a look at the behind-the-scenes magic with the new Disney Animated app.

The Disney Animated app is a “hands—on experience” with interactive images and animated clips. Users will be able to work with their favorite Disney character and learn more about the work that was put into making a Disney animated film.

Features include revealing layers of visual effects in a scene and see details such as storyboards and concept art. Characters come to life with this animated app.

Users will be able to make their own 3D image and animate Vanellope from Wreck—It Ralph. The finished product can be shared on social media. The Color Map shows every scene from Disney movies in a thumbnail. Users will also be able to see a complete list of Walt Disney Animated Studios feature films and learn more about the movies with clips from favorite characters.

The Disney Animated app seems to be a perfect tool for any fan of Disney animated feature films. It offers a look at the magic put into our favorite childhood movies.

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The Disney Animated app is available for $13.99 on the iPad at the App Store.

Image credit: Animation Magazine

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