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Top 5 Features of Recruitment Software Solutions

by on December 11, 2013


In the last few years, the recruitment software options available to companies have become increasingly varied. It can be tempting to simply choose a package which you think looks suitable. However, in the long term, it is far more beneficial to think carefully about which eRecruitment Solutions will suit your company best.

The problem is that many companies do not have a clear idea of precisely what they need in terms of a recruitment solution. They are also unaware of the breadth of the functions available within e-packages. By taking a closer look at recruitment software, you will have a better understanding of the features available. This should in turn enable you to make the best choice when it comes to selecting recruitment software for your business.

Features of Recruitment Software

1. CRM or ATS

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, whilst ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. These systems allow all information regarding the application process to be stored in one place, online. Client and candidate records, applications and interview notes are all easily accessible on the system. Vacancies can be tracked, interviews arranged and contacts stored swiftly and simply. The presence of CRM or ATS makes the selection of suitable candidates more straightforward and a less time-consuming task for HR workers.

2. CV Parsing

‘Parsing’ means extracting information from a CV and storing it on a candidate record file on the CRM. Doing so saves time inputting information manually onto a recruitment database. Naturally, the greater the amount of applicants, the more time will be saved. Ultimately, parsing should enable you to choose applicants with the most relevant skills. Again, it also reduces the man hours required to manage recruitment.


A workflow allows a series of tasks to be automated. For instance, when a candidate uploads a CV to your website, a workflow would see it downloaded and stored on the recruitment software system, before CV parsing takes place. If the applicant is suitable, his or her information will then be sent to a recruitment officer who will be given the opportunity to respond to the candidate automatically with an email. Clearly, having such workflows in place further streamlines recruitment and saves time.

4. Reporting

ATS and CRMS systems should be able to run off reports on most of the information contained within their databases. For managers or team leaders, this feature will aid visibility and help with the selection process.

5. Flexibility

Good recruitment software solutions offer the option to post jobs to a multitude of internal and external job sites. Other features such as text messaging services and sales and marketing functions may also be available which enhance the benefits of the recruitment process, both for the employer and potential employee.

With any luck, you are now more informed as to precisely what a recruitment software solution offers. Thus educated, you will be able to choose a package which suits your business needs, thus making your recruitment process quicker, simpler and ultimately more effective.


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