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With Foodini You Can Now 3D-Print Your Dinner

by on December 31, 2013

foodini 3D printer

Foodini is a 3D printer that can do things such as build already-rolled pasta dough. The device lets you choose from a number of recipes or build your own. To make ravioli, for example, prepare the dough and the filling, load them into the machine’s food “capsules” and select “ravioli” on the printer’s iPad-like interface. The Foodini printer will then print the ingredients in the shape of fully-formed ravioli, and the only thing left to do is cook them.

The device will cost around $1,300, but won’t be a behemoth in your kitchen. It’s built to look and function like a sleek microwave.

“Foodini’s main purpose is to take on the difficult and/or time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food, whether it’s in a home kitchen or a restaurant,” Foodini co-founder Lynette Kucsma said.

Foodini is not a machine which automates all your cooking, instead, it is developed to encourage more people to eat healthy, to eat home-cooked meal made with freshest ingredients.

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The Foodini 3D printer creates shape, height, and volume independent of the user and can generate both large products like chocolate figures, and flatter foods like crackers. The startup team have printed bean patty, roll, and cheese sauce onto a burger, crafted pumpkin gnocchi, and fashioned a pizza from printer to plate.

What do you think about this topic? Would you eat 3D-printed food?

food 3D printer


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