Technology That Can Help Your Business In 2014

by on January 9, 2014

For your business to thrive, it is essential that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. You should already be aware how modern technology – particularly cloud email security and the BYOD culture – continues to shape the way we conduct business. It’s vital that you keep on top of emerging trends so that your business may benefit in the best way possible.

For 2014, there are several trends that you should keep your eye on, to see how technological developments could help you engage with your clients more effectively and competitively.

The cloud expands

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular over the last year or so. With companies like Mimecast offering fully integrated cloud-based email archiving and security, there is now an increased reliance on cloud-based systems over physical hard drives for information storage.

This will increase advantages for businesses that work in a global marketplace. Employees will be able to access information from anywhere in the world. Convenience is king with cloud storage. With increased security measures being developed for cloud storage devices, it’s guaranteed that this will become a universal business practice.

Propriety apps for companies

Most business-related apps are all developed and sold by app developers from online stores. It is expected next year that there will be a shift towards apps that are developed by companies for their own use. This will remove the reliance on third-party developers.

There are numerous advantages to be had if your company begins sourcing its apps in-house. Your company will be able to include specific features that will boost productivity as well as meet client demands and other business requirements.

BYOD & Training

BYOD has already become a massive trend this year. The practice is expected to become even more popular in 2014. By bringing your own device to work, productivity is boosted by keeping employees in constant contact, enabling them to work outside the office better.

It is also expected that companies will start to create specific training programs for their employees, so that BYOD is practiced without security leaks or compromises.

Market research from different sources

The evolution of social media has changed the way companies conduct their market research. Social media has made it far easier to engage with audiences and customers – but it can always go further.

Other sources are opening up as social media expands. So if you want your company to thrive, you’ll need to start investigating new sources of market research.

Instead of standing by and marveling at consumer technology, it would benefit your business to harness it directly and explore ways in which technology can make your business grow and become more effective at meeting your clients’ demands. Staying on top of technology pretty much equates to staying on top of the competition.


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