The Photos Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See Are Better Than The Ones It Does

by on February 17, 2014

You might not know this but Facebook had a policy against uploading breastfeeding photos on your profile. The social media company said it allows them now, but in reality, it often doesn’t. However, they are totally cool with gun owners selling guns without background checks to anyone who wants to make a deal.

For example, GunsForSale is a Facebook page with 196,000 likes that invites gun enthusiasts and licensed dealers to procure buyers for firearms through posts. (Facebook removed this post after a gun control group tweeted it with the message “@facebook allows this guy to sell guns.”)

“S&W 500! Paid 1200, 25 rounds spent! I’m in Texas and newmexico. Looking to trade for a nice AK or AR of same value,” reads a recent Facebook post by a gun enthusiast, who has included a photo of himself brandishing the Smith & Wesson handgun.

But Facebook is just one of the social media sites used by some gun owners to resell their firearms: Instagram, it isn’t just for posting selfies or pictures of food — it has become an open marketplace for gun sellers and buyers.

“Social media has leveled the playing field somewhat and has afforded smaller businesses the opportunity to network with groups that have massive fan bases,” said Bobby Richards, the owner and operator of Crossfire Arms, LLC, an independent arms dealership in Vermont. “Affiliate marketers have enormous reach and followers on Facebook, numbering in the high six figures.”

An organization named “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” released an amazing little Look Back paraody video about how the gun market works on the world’s largest social media network. You can watch it below:

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